We sometimes get bored,

I understand that, as human, we prone to that, quite frequently, So, when that mood kicks in, we feel a strong argue to leave, whether to leave  a person, a country, a home, even the whole world and at that point, we just wanna do it, so we do it right away.

I love change because change is a must to survive, to start a new journey.

I find myself a lot when I change, from time to time, when I feel the need to track my direction to another route, a new one probably, not the usual ones.
If you've got a car, and the engine looks so old to get you where you want, replace the engine, however, if the engine doesn't seem fit and adapt to the car, look for the new car to continue with you to the new route, obviously the old one doesn't afford the requirements of the new route, so new one is the right solution!

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  • Hey Arctic owl... who's telling here the opposite?

  • Did you draw a parallel between men and cars!?

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