Three Brain Teasers

Dear members of MyEC.

I have three brain teasers to solve.
Are you able to find the answers?

1) How can 666 be increased by half without changing it by an arithmetic operation?

2) How does a ferryman bring a goat, a wolf, and one head of cabbage across the river if he is only allowed to load one of the three on the ferry? He has to make sure that the goat doesn't eat the cabbage, and the wolf doesn't eat the goat!

3) A rich Arab leaves 17 camels to his 3 sons. In his will it is written that the eldest son should receive 1/2, the middle son 1/3, and the youngest son 1/9 of all camels.

How did the sons fulfill the father's wish?



Good luck!


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Rose Iris

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  • Turn them upside down=999

  • Antshuldingung Rose Iris! Brain stuff is always a challenge for me. If you notice, I rarely wade in them. Thanks for your puzzling questions. 

  • 1. I  would do  as like rys... 999

    2.  I will  put the goat on the ferry and tide the wolf and cabbage with a rope to the

    3. Yes, anyone of the three sons may has one camale....or think one of them  had been married  by this time and he got a camsale as a dowry....

  • i want some more tasks to do!

  • Oi there, folks

        Lemme try to solve the task:

    1 - By inversing 666 to 999 we increase the sum by half of the initial value.

    2 - The farmer first takes the goat and leaves the cabbage and wolf on one bank, then he takes the cabbage to the other side and brings back the goat, next he taks the wolf to the other side and leaves the wolf with the cabbage and goes back for the goat.

    3 - The elder son after asking Rys for advice, adds one camel from his herd and then carries out the father's will, 1/2 of 18 is nine which the eldest son keeps for himself [which is more than he would get b4 adding one camel yet in total he did not lose any animal], 1/3 of 18 is six which goes to the middle son and is more than he deserves from the initial number of camels, 1/9 of 18 is 2 camels which go to the youngest son which is also more than the sum endowed by the will. 

       LoL, and Rys got a camel kebab for his advice....  

    • You are brilliant, Rys! Thanks for solving the tasks.

      At the end, the brothers gave back the borrowed camel...haha...I had just not expected it as kebab...haha.

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