Thoughtful Thursday #1

Hello and welcome to Thoughtful Thursday!

Today we’ll be trying together a title and a related quotation to the photo in the bottom..

Think about it and try to help me out! 💪 It musn't be from the net! 🚫 It must be from your thoughts! 🤔 That's the idea of our challenge! Even if it's funny, it's okay!.. Do you best!😉

The best title and quotation will be added to the photo as a motivational poster as this one above and with your name!🏆




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  • Darling butterfly , you just should give a quotation as comment.. I'll add it later to the picture..

    What can the image express for you?

  • @Butterfly: Okay, Eager to see it! :D

  • Great!

    • Waiting for your try dear!😘

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