Things you do everyday in 4 Words.

People here don't like to write that much. And neither to read, so... that's why I suggest this kind of 'games', or whatever you call it:

Try to say stuff you do everyday in only four words.

Some stuff I do:

- Beat my alarm clock

- Have my morning coffee

- Complain about feeling sleepy

- Avoid talkin' to anybody

- Yearn for human extinction

- Wallow in self pity

- Learn new useful* stuff



Now, you tell me.

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  • 'Wallow in self pity''

    Looks like Grinch's schedule (Pronounced like a proper Brit) and yours is eerily similar on this one. At least, I know for a fact, ya ain't gonna steal Christmas.

    I wish you would, though. Pity.

  • *wave at Mary....  hello (echo... echo.. echo..)

    mine is boring. ( a.m daily)

    5 am - switch off phone alarm

    morning stretching -- well half of it.. mostly i did sitting on bed hugging my pillow

    shower and get ready to work

    out to catch 6.30 a.m train, while waiting - playing games on my phone and read some ebook or check my email.  

    arrived at work - open office pc and email... see any urgent work and check my boss schedule and inform or remind him if is there any meeting

    drink some water, open my playlist and do some reading before work starts  

    • Nice not 4 words routine! 

      Thanks for sharing ;)

      • Everybody in here except me and Estamis seems not to be good at following rules. XD

        • yup

          but I also like to see people breaking rules :P


  • I wake up a bit late nowadays so I am always in a hurry!
    I make breakfast and gulp down then take a bus!
    Trying to learn another language.
    Spending less hours on myec!
    Missing some friends and close ones.
    Listening to country music.

    • Nice! You almost follow the rules too :D

      thanks for sharing your routine!


  •   :) Hi . How are you doing Mary 

        I am still reading an article every day on Quora app because that's what my time allows me to do these days . I have quited reading books and writing for a while but I will resume it soon  . 

         I think  I am just cooking meals for my kids :) 

    • Ok Rosemary, thanks for your comment and for not giving a sh*t about the rules XD

      well done!


  • Not difficult... I'm feeling like Bill Murray in 'The groundhog day' 

    Cursing my alarm clock 

    Searching my coffee desperately 

    Dealing with work mates

    Putting up with clients 

    Hugging my loyal couch 

    Dreaming of next trip 


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