Things we did... And the rest, we didn’t

Life is complex. And we cannot fully comprehend its complexities.

Take time, one of the complexities of life, for example. It continuously moves forward, doesn’t take a break and never goes back. We can’t mould it according to our desires; in fact, we have to adjust our lives according to its ticking hand.

So, we can’t change what happened – or didn’t happen – in the past. We don’t know what the future holds. And the present is always slipping off from our hands.

We’ve limited time, which is continuously ending. We don’t get a full grasp of this simple fact until a long time passes. Then we are left with remorse, regret, guilt and “I wish…”

While solving a Rubik’s cube, I’ve realised that to solve more pieces, one has to go back and move the already solved pieces. In other words, to move forward, one has to go back and take a different path. Alas! This isn’t possible in real life. When we make a mistake, we have limited time to rectify it. Once that time window closes, there is nothing we can do. And we are left with lifelong remorse.

One says, “Everything happens for a reason.” But, what about things that didn’t happen? Not because those were impossible, but because we didn’t take a step. Would it be sensible to say that we didn’t act because it was meant to be?

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  • To change this world, I have taken myriad steps, interestingly for myself, I had taken none.

    • Can a person change the world without changing oneself first?

  • The saying "Everything happens for a reason" is about things that don't depend on us, about the Nature's deeds, for example. But using it "because we didn't take a step"? That would be just to find an excuse for our indecisiveness or laziness.

    • Inna I miss you!!!!

    • True! When we fail to act, we take shelter under "Everything happens for a reason" with the hope that we would live happily ever after. 

      Thank you for making it clear. 

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