Theyyam - A God form in Kerala

Hi all, 

Every locality will have some story to tell. Here, I am sharing a story of a Goddess. 

She born in a good family. She learned everything in this world. Nobody can win against her in any debate on any topics. All elderly people failed in front of her all debate. They were upset. 

One day one elderly scholar wanted to defeat her. He came for debate in front of all village people. 

He asked, " What is the happiest moment for a lady?"

She replied" Having sex with a man"

Next, he asked, " What is the painful moments for a lady?"

She replied" Giving Birth".

He questioned " How she knew this without experiencing it? She is not Virgin. He declared"

All Believed this and through her from the family. 

Later she became a Goddess for all people in the village. She is known as " MUchilodu Bhagavathi Theyyam". Kerala is having a lot of God and Goddess in every locality and each is having a story to share. They are generally known as Theyyam


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  • Hi, Ap )

    Interesting story. The ignorance of judging people is overwhelming. The girl is wise. The elderly scholar is a treacherous creature.

    I only didn't get why finally she became a Goddess and ppl changed their minds )))

    The moral of the story is that not all young people are ignorant...not all old scholars are wise.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Very clever the elder man, and how foolish the people of the village.  She was wise, full of wisdom, so a wise person can learn a thing from others experience if not his/her own.  

    Nice and informative blog.

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