•°○ The Worst Possibility ○°•

            One of my ways to wind up my worries is to imagine the worst , thus I was able to determine , how to act behave or do things . It's my own personal methods to stop anxiety from eating me up or breaking me down into small pieces .
            Last Friday , I went shopping with my kids as we do from time to time . There were no warning signs that the worst is waiting for us that day . But we did get a bad day . As I went back to the car . I left my kids with my husband in the supermarket . He paid for the groceries and came back with the kids to the car . We drove back home and had to stop at a convince store to buy something . I missed my 5 years little daughter , I turned my head to the back seat of the car and oh my God she wasn't there . I called my husband and we drove back to the supermarket to get her . My intuition was telling me that she was okay . I was sure that we will find her because we didn't go far , we live in a small town and most people are kind and helpful . There is no worst possibility that she might have been abducted for a reason or another .
          As we got there we all entered quickly and there was she crying hysterically and people were around her trying to help her . Her father rushed holding her tight and wiping her tears , she returned back to us . We should all blame ourselves for not caring for Shyma that day , we were about to lose her . Thanks Allah we didn't . I thought for a minute that there were another worst possibility that might aggravate the whole situation  as we were getting out with our daughter and people smiling seeing us back together . What if someone was filming us . What will happen if the video went on viral . I wouldn't like to see my daughter terrifying situation to be shared with the whole world to watch . But this didn't happen as well .

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  • ohh.. thanks God it was all good in the end ..


  •   Hi  Estanis  :) 

          How are you doing  ?  You are right we can't predict disasters   . We can can only manage things right and stay clam   , which , isn't an easy things to do  . And about your child story  I felt sorry for him   and you as well  . As parents  we don't forgive ourselves  , when it comes to our kids safety    . May God protect them all 

  • My experience shows me that there're no warning signs before disasters come.

    This might be a cold comfort for you but once I forgot my child on his pushchair in an market aisle while doing the shopping.  Shhhh... top secret.

  •     Thanks for reading my story till it's end RebA  :) 

          Have a nice day 

  • Ramadhan Mubarak to you too, dear :)

  •    Thanks for sharing your story about the little  boy in the airport  . However  , I don't think it's very common to miss kids in my country  . It can happen everywhere for anyone  

            Ramadan Mubarak  my dear friend  :) 

  •       AG  , actually  it was her father fault  she was with him not me   . Thanks  God things end up in peace  . Ramadan Mubarak  :) 

  •    Thanks for reminding me of sadqah  Mishaikh  you are right  , I have to do it 

            Ramadan Mubarak  :) 

  • Hi dear,

    There has been some cases of forgetting children. In news I read a lady forgot her child at the airport and boarded in plane she realised it in her journey. Thanks to the pilot he was so kind and took back flight to the airport to pick the child. 

    Please be careful. 

    In saudi I heard it is common when such incidents happen. Don't mean to offend you or anybody. 

    I don't what would have done if I were in yr shoe. I might have cried continuously. 

    Take care :)

  • It had to happen, otherwise no one overlooked any of their kids.  You must have given some SADQAH for this.

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