The Worst Form of Child Labor

Child labor is a widespread and persistent global concern and waste picking is one of the most hazardous and worst forms of child labor; as the children are exploited in the most unhygienic conditions. Child waste workers are exposed to numerous health problems and various accidental risks such as being injured by glass and sharp objects; contaminated needles; being run over by waste vehicles; fires; explosions and also death. In addition, most of them are affected by some sort of physical violence, which include beating, physical torture and punishment. Along with these, they lack basic education and vocational training opportunities. This deprivation prevents children to develop their development and therefore it is hard to uplift oneself out of poverty.
Every child has the right to a childhood and access to basic education. Waste picker children have neither time for attending school nor time for playing games and have fun. They must work hard all day long. But the main questions are: who is responsible for them? And how to help them be free from this horrible life?
I think everybody who sees children in the streets collecting garbage is responsible. It is important to promote ethics and create a sense of responsibility in all members of society to be able to take effective steps in this regard. Waste picking violates human dignity. It is a kind of modern slavery and must be stopped.

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  • Your goverment is responsible ....Wake up !..attent to the marches  ,beat police , use gas-bomb...protest your goverment .

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