The wolf inside of us

We all have had a kind of conversation inside our head while we try to do something. Part of us encourages us to do it and the other part tires to prevent us from doing it. We may call it good and bad parts, positive and negative parts, angel and evil parts of ourselves or whatnot. There is an ongoing conversation between these two parts which helps us to make a better choice, although sometimes the good part wins and sometimes the bad part wins.

I got the idea of writing about this topic when I listened to a poet who composed a very nice poem related to this subject. He said that once a wise man told that there is a wolf inside each of us. A permanent fight takes place between this wolf and our own self. Physical strength can not help us in order to win this battle. Only our wisdom can help us. There have been so many masculine and hefty men who were defeated by the wolves inside of them while there were so many feeble and skinny men who conquered the wolf.

We must defeat this wolf until we are young otherwise it would get more powerful as we grow older then It would be so hard to overcome the wolf. Every one who can defeat the wolf he/she will become a pure person on the other hand if someone loses the battle to wolf he/she will turn to a wolf although they look like humans in the appearance.

The reason people are fighting with each other is because they let themselves to be led by these wolves inside of them, as a result they can not understand those who fostered the humanity part and killed their wolves.

Let’s try to overcome the brutality inside of us and have mercy towards our kinds. Let’s defeat this wolf inside of us.

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  • Dear AReality, thanks for your comment. We are social beings so it's so essential to learn how to tame the wolf that would do harm to no one included ourselves too.
  • Dear Paul, you must be so powerful to have that wolf in a box.:D I really mean it. It needs so much will power to control our desires and to let our intellect take the charge. Thanks for your comment.
  • Dear Aziz, I wonder if we could show our kind part to other wolves what it would be like? Could we tame other wolves?
  • In a pragmatic way , sometimes we have to let the wolf take charge to fight the wolves outside . But , nonetheless , this is a good  exemplar description of the implicit pessimism in human beings.

  • Dear Expector, sometimes it happens so slowly therefore we are not aware of it, so we must be so careful.
  • Unfortunately, they may not be aware that they have been defeated by the 'wolf inside them'.

  • Dear Nardos, I am glad that you liked it. Thanks for your comment.
    Dear Beethoven, thanks for your encouragement.
    Dear Ratu, thanks for your comment.
  • Dear Keen, thanks for your nice comment.
  • Dear Walker, angels couldn't have wolf inside of them.:D
    Dear Caro, you are right. Unfortunately we have forgotten how to treat eachother as human beings.
    Dear Coral, if I get to believe that there are still so many nice people and you also think in this way then the world would be full of people who assume others as nice one
  • Dear Grace, let's keep our fingers crossed for eachother.
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