the weekend trip

I with my familiy went on a short trip to the's about 100 km from my home...

we start 9 am in the morning from the house to the seashore..and we arrived at 12.20 pm..

we visited my wife's uncle and had lunch at his house...then we went to the beat together

I felt so happy to see my kids so exiceted being on the seashore.

we went home at 7 pm ...ant finally arrived at home at 10 was exghausted,,,yet i felt so happy..

but..unfortunately my son could not sleep after that...he stayed awake until 2 am,,,ohh...

i asked him to sleep...he said that he was hungry....when i open the rice warmer....there is no rice left

so...we just ate a cuple of buiscuits.....and finally he slept after eating the biscuits...

sorry ,,,my english is not so good

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  • thanks guys for commenting and correcting...

    i really apreciate it

  • Nice to read it. You described it very good way. Thanks didi for sharing.
  • nice :)

  • A good attempt didi.  Keep it up.  You tried to write in separate sentences.  It is ok, but you can also make it a para/paras out of it.

    You have used tenses correctly.

    English is a proper noun so avoid to write in lowercase, like 'english'.

    Good work.

  • It is ok, didi rahman Your blog is good! I imagined you with your family on the sea beach, and your happy kids) Good job! You made your family happy! And you english is not so bad at all:) Thank you for sharing!

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