Hello to the all of you  dudes and dudettes,

today I want to talk about english; in particular about the use of games you can do with words, are they useful? are they appropriate for a main room on a site where to learn english as ec is?

I will give my answers to these 2 questions and I'd like to see which are your opinions about. Ah it is may be better if I first define what games with words are, at least after me; of course the usual guessing games, the games where you have to start a word with the final letters of the previous one, the games where you add a prefix or a suffix to the words, and those where you change consonants with an only one previously chosen or the vowels, etc.

I think these are useful games; they require people to focus on the words, to check the dictionary and they help to remember the words. On a chat as the one of english club they should be allow and not considered as foreign languages ... they are useful and this isn't but a chat not the class of a course. These are my point of view summarised, I wait for yours. Hugs and kisses to the most of you shake hand with the other and as any actoress exiting the scene does bows

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  • Frowhysi fronotsi? FroIsi frowouldsi frolovesi frotosi :D:D 

  • Thank you pau for your kind comment tht deals with game and politness :D thank also tou you bobn Iknow those games and some can't be plaied on a chat but some can.

  • I think games where you have to think and work on something unexpected are good practice.  Maybe there could be a Game Chat Room for something like this.  A long time ago I used to play a similar game on Facebook where you had to tell a story and each person added a line to the existing story.  We also played a version of the game where you had to add a word that began with the last letter of the previous word.  We allowed more than word to be added because too many words end with the same letters and to make a sentence or larger part of a story we often needed several other words before the word to match the ending of the word the other person had added.

  • Yes anele, I was suspended :D

  • Pff tim don't be coward and play wth me ... I promise I'll let you win from time to time :D:D

  • Hi joh I saw your post only now, thnx for your words, actually thnx to you all playing wth words it is something I have always used to explin things when I needed to  teach :D:D 

  • Thanx tim for you prompt answer, same to ali it goes wthout saying I do agree with you, jkk I'm dieing to play your game. Fra errrr here the risk is getting high though I love to play a riskful life :D:D:D My knight to exercise your brain can't be but good to you :D:P Ate ppl can learn how to play, and I don't think my IQ to be particulary high (though thnx for the compliment :*)and after all we are here to improve our english. Tara, then troublemakers (playing or not with words) should be suspended, I can see tht ario didn't understand what was going on but he could have asked, as I said to ate, games can be explained.

  • I finally discovered how to locate your blog, Viviana, and I have to say that I can agree with your point of view regarding these games and their educational merits. I think that anything which can be made "fun" in the study of languages is a good thing, and that participation in these kinds of activities among friends helps to further the desire to increase vocabulary. (And anything done among friends also promotes enthusiasm and, as we all know, enthusiasm is infectious!) [Many thanks for  your blog.]

  • I don't see any problem with this as long as it is in fun, and focused on practising English. Some troublemakers in the chat room have used this excuse before to try to get away with using abusive language. That is not okay.

  • Not everyone knows how to play such game, especially when they are using a foreign language, It acquiers a high level of IQ .... and about the main room in EC, as you may know, that some members like to play some special kind of word game .... I bet it was the most hard one, as well the funniest one ... but the results are not good sometimes ... :D 

    Thanks for Sharing.

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