The unnecessary Guilts of life

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Recently I experience that the people around me are deeply involve in unnecessary guilts of life.even if they do right thing for themselves still they are thinking that they did something wrong.Remember that doing things that are useful for your growth ,your self esteem , and increasing your self worth are the most important thing for an individual.i know today people around us are so much involve in their own insecurities, their dissatisfaction of life that they try their best to blame others for their situation because they are not able to face themselves,they run from recognizing their own faults that's why they blme others even though they are the one who cause everything.

remove every guilt from your life if it doesnot hurt someone,focusing on ourself is our most imprtant priority. its completely OKAY to distance youself from the persons who try to put you down,Its completely ok to leave the place where no one recognize your value,no one appreciates you,its all completely fine dont think that you are doing wrong with others if you leave them alone or distance youself or move on in life ,dont ever regret on it or not always blaming yourself for are not wrong or responsible for everything in life all the time.

learn to appreciate your feelings ,value yourself and look how far you have come and facing everything in life and still keep going. Recognize your self-worth and try to free yourself from unnecessary guilts because everyone in life have some goals. In order to achieve them we have to sacrifice somethings as they contribute in our self progress.

learn the art of detachment ,mistakes are always forgiveable if we have the courage of admit them and stop critizing yourself for making choices in your life that very much important for your mental peace and health,Let it go.

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  • Pııfftt ; Great photos...!!..Did you take'em with your own camera ? What brand of cam do you use ?..

  • we should not be alone... if we are alone.. that thought will occur.. 

  • I found a quote that fits exactly to that topic.

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    We cannot undo guilt because we cannot change the past, but the fear of new guilt should also not affect the future.


  •   A great blog :)  your words reminds me of a the following  sayings " problems  have one message  for you , which , is you need to focus on yourself  "  , " we can't stop others from talking about us , but we can stop our selves  from taking their words seriously   . However  , I can't  overcome  the pains that others cause  for me and I can't  stop blaming them  . This makes me feel terrible  and exhausts  my mind and body  . 

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