The Torments of Rebuffed Love



Lord, how I hate myself for not loving you!!!

How can a miserable creature like me

walk on the soil your angelic feet touched??


how gross! How immensely profane and sacrilegious

that I still breathe the air that gorgeous you

breathed out!!!!


I desire with all my heart to scrape

the memory of you

from the walls of my intestines

yet I cannot bring myself to commit

such an unimaginable blasphemy


no, no...not you, you are the blue sky

over the green fields where love grows!

Drunken with the lack of love


I stumble through thorny shrubs on the way to

the castle you live


hoping and doubting, eager yet undecided

like in a malignous nightmare

I endeavour to force my rogue soul

to accept your existance


I try to persuade myself, silly me

how wonderful this global warming could be

were I capable of bringing myself

to embrace you, whisper sweet

little words into the pink shell

of your ear.


How normal and casual it would be,

Should we just make a date

and tell

how much we mean to each other!!

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  • Hey, Rys,

    Amm, I don't know... Something is telling me, you have described your love to a woman instead of Lord.

    And the whole poem immerses me in a silent and mysterious atmosphere of a thriller movie :D Thorny shrubs; castle where the best and most desirable thing or creature lives; fields where love grows. Mysterious and interesting! Exactly what I like!

    And those words in bold, I don't know what most of them are refering to, but the idea is great! Especially reminding about global warming.

  • Ryyyyysssss! 

    I have no words to say anything. It's just awesome. I felt like i was reading a poem by a professional poet. I still struggle to comprehend poems easily however i could feel you have expressed your love for the Lord. 

    Keep writing n thanks for new words i learnt from this writing. :))

  • I can't say anything else than only


    Words of love which testify your life experience.

  • >>>how gross! How immensely profane and sacrilegious - that I still breathe the air that gorgeous you - breathed out!!!! <<< 

    Damn right you are!! :-DD 

    >>>How normal and casual it would be, - Should we just make a date - and tell - how much we mean to each other!! <<< 

    I like this so much. Great writing, rysperski. Thx for sharing. ;-)) 

  • Mille grazie, white thing, I immediately rectified my immensely misspelled expression...:-)

  • The great way of confessing the flaws before the Almighty God, but I believe you could write it even better. I felt spiritual reading it.....I am glad to see you writing poetry 

  • Wonderful, Backed with colored words , to take attantion  of the readers ...!!.. A good work ...This sounds me a Hymn !...(immesly ??? )...

  • Nice poem Rys, I love it... Thanks for sharing this .

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