The stolen New year mood

The stolen New year mood

Have you ever observed that shopping centers and boutiques begin decorate their space in New year style very early? In this year I have seen first decorations in October! It was Christmas trees, garlands and tinsel. I like New year and like feel of miracle, but in last year I have detected one thing: when shops and boutiques had been decorated, I have a great New year mood. I was winged and looked forward 31st of December. I felt that I had became a kid again. But than closer the New year got, that less I sensed this feeling. When New year had came I had simple mood like in September and had boring holiday. It looks like shopping centres steals our New year mood. It's terrible! When I see New year decorations early than end of December I stay angry because I know that this shop is burglar of  Holy day.

What do you think? What is your opinion?

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  • I am totally agree with you, dear  Ilya. 

    The same feeling. What are they doing? Why is all of this? They turn the most favorite holiday to ordinary shoppong. ((( 

    They spoil the holiday totally. (((

  • Hmm... I've been to a mall only 2 or 3 times in my life, I feel horrible in those places no matter how they are decorated... The shops where I buy my stuff are very small, and usually have none to little decoration. Christmas doesn't mean anything to me. The only tradition I have is to have no traditions. XD 
    But I understand what you and Rose mean... 

    • Hello! Thanks for your comment! I don't believe that exist people who arrived malls only 2-3 times. It's incredible! :D Where are you from?

      • Haha... yeah, we exist. :-D
        I live in Germany. The city where I grew up has loads of malls of course, but we have also an 'alternative scene' or so called subculture. We have whole neighborhoods with little organic groceries stores, vegan shops, small vintage and second hand shops, young fashion designers and so on... Those shops can't afford the leases in the inner city. They are not polished and as luxurious as malls. But you'll find everything you need and more... One fun fact is that usually the groceries cost 3 times as much, and the clothes/decoration/books you can buy there, cost only a third of normal prices.

        • Why people buy groceries in this stores, when they can buy it in malls for 3 times cheaper? Is quality of groceries in this stores higher?

          • People buy there because they believe it's worth to buy a good product for a fair price. Fair for the environment, the farmer, sales staff, and the shop-owner. ;-)

  • Oi there,

       Caramba, silly me, all my life I was convinced that decorations with Christmas trees, gerlands and tinsel were connected with Christmas holidays: presents, family gathering by a well supplied table and a snug mood of dolce-far-niente!

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