I saw that sparkling star
It was shining so bright!
All seemed so quiet, so right
that my heart was full of delight.

Now nothing is dark
because of that silent, gleaming star
that brought me peace and new light
and with joy my spirit ignites.

There it star!
dreaming and radiant, and even so far
like in heaven, so high!
flaming and cheering my heart.

You are filling my soul from that night
I want to live enjoying your sight
hearing your invitation so loud
giving to you my just rekindled life.

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Janeth Duarte

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  •  It's a beautiful poem . We are  all in need for a star  :)

  • Happy New Year Janeth =)

  • I like it.

    Thanks for sharing your poem.

  • Feliz ano nuevo Janeth! Nice words and happy new year.

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