The source of the new coronavirus

Various raw meats are sold in Chinese food markets. When we deal with raw meat, we must be thorough with food safety management because pathogens in raw meat propagate easily in dirty places. Food safety management in the food market in Wuhan seems not to be thorough. It is said that the source of the new coronavirus is bats.

However, there is the other terrible fact that the food market in Wuhan where the new coronavirus was first found is only 30 km away from the institute for virus research. Of course, I don't affirm that the new coronavirus was leaked to the outside by mistake. It is a small possibility. I read about it in the news. Some scientists refer to it and warn that the management of viruses in the institute is not thorough. I hope the new coronavirus doesn't spread any further and the source will be found soon so that the same thing will not happen again.

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    Hi Tam

    Wild animals meat must be banned.

    • Hi, Saba. Thank you for your comment. Yes, especially raw meat.

  • They should stop eating exotic foods.....  they should eat what normal human eat

    • Hi, Fizzy. Thank you for your comment. I am surprised at the interest of Chinese people in food.

      • "deshou"....    



  • At first, I pray to Chinese and all humanity to be safe from the new coronavirus. Our world have enough problems now and the new coronavirus adds more complicated issues to our unrest world . The source of the virus is due to polluted meat. Chinese people eat all kinds of meat and that's likely the reason of virus. Thank you Tam for your nice topic.

    • Hi, Tawfeeq. Thank you for your comment.

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