●°• The Sounds of the Desert ●

        A mid the dune where you can't know which way to go out of the sea of sands . A lonely bedouin tent stood there as a latern for the sailors . They were striving for about 3 days literally they had nothing to eat . Hunger stroke them drastically. They 3 kids were like gohests . Their father tied his stomach to over come the pain of hunger , and all of the sudden, a thing appeared a black thing comming toward them . The father shouted " Ya Allah , a guest and an empty hand , Ya Allah don't deprive him from his meal " The kids looked to their father and felt how would it be if the guest entered their tent and wasn't fed . Then , the eldest boy came saying " slay me father and feed the guest " :D I was their frightened when I heard this as first . However, a herd of Arabian oryxes appeared . The father rushed to his arrows to hunt one of them and he did . That night all of them were happy and all of them eat enough . 


            These are part of a famous Arabic poem about arab people generosity . I heard it first when I was 8 years . At that young age I didn't know the difference between reality and exaggeration to say things are reaching the atmost . The desert taught the arabs how to give . It was their law . They stick to it years after years and they evolved to be like that to give their guests . It was imprinted in their DNA . 

      When I was young my father used to slaughter his best ........ for my uncle's. We weren't that rich to do so . My father genouristy used to make me furious. I didn't realize at that time the strength of arabic tradition . How did they mange to beat their harsh environment by giving and how did it turn to be a stigma to leave your guests with a meal . On the verge of death their harsh environment taught them to give as a mean of survival . One must give to be given later on , in a similar situation that no one can escape . Among them was that arabic saying " all arabs are brothers and sister " one big family unifying in the face of the desert dreadful hands . As I grow I tend to act like my parents absorbing all their behaviors subconsciously . The things I crisise turn to be my personal habits . The curse of being generous have had fallen up on my head . I give everything I have if someone ask me for something , even if I tell myself I won't do it again and it developed to the worst i can't eat alone , I like to share food with others . Hatim an ancient Arabian chef tribe used to share his food with the Shepherd a thing that made his father warn others boys from approaching his his son , but soon after Hatim stop eating his meal . When Hatim grow up he used to light fire for people to know his place to come and eat with him .

Giving is a top value in arabic tradition and still . It's when you stand on the verge of death , mundane things get smaller in your eyes . Thus , you easily get ride of them

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  •   @ Adriano  , you are right for all the mistakes your eyes have caught in my blog . Sorry for that sometimes  I just want to write  and I don't concentrate on rereading my blogs   .

       @ Mishaikh  , it's a poem and poetry is full of imagined  pictures as you know . I agree with you that such traditional  acts are fading these days  . 

          My friends  have a nice day both of you :) 

  • Financial and Ecconomical constraint has subsided such traditions.  The related stories are mostly exaggeration used to be told for the moral motivation.

  • Hey, You.. Explain me the differences between ''All of a sudden'' or   '' all of THE sudden''...Which one is correct...?

    2) eat enoug or ate enough ?...

    3)Are bothers and sister .. or sisterS ?...Why brothers ib plural sister is not ?

    the Shepherd or the shepherd ?...Why ( S ) as big ?

    4) approaching his his son ?.. why double his ?

    5) you easly get ride of them . (spot).. where is it....?

  • Hi :)
    Your comment returned me back to the poem to search for the dialogue , that took place between the boy and his father . It is like the following
    " And then the boy said , when he saw his father disturbance
    Oh father : slay me and made him a meal ,
    Don't use our destitution as an excuse ,
    Because , he might think that we have a wealth
    Then , he will defame us ,
    The man hestated ,
    Then he stopped for a while ,
    And if he didn't slaughter his boy ,
    He was about to do it .
    It isn't an easy thing to translate poetry . I have tried my best to convey the meaning because you were curious to find out about it .
    Thanks for passing here to read my words .
    Have a nice day :)

  • "slay me father and feed the guest"... its a powerful line. that kids was so generous offering his own live. but, what did the father say when heard this words from his son? this story shows a huge generosity level, the highest level I think. 

    I think is truth, in the verge of death material things don't matter. you can rid all of them when you think you are facing the end.

    I enjoy reading this post. greetings.

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