The Sound of Silence

A misty morning
My autumnal heart sings
The sound of silence ~

#haiku #poetry

This music inspired me to write a haiku poetry, just simple words :-)

Excellent performance ever!, Piano by Harry Volker.

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  • Semoga kabar anda baik. Saya tidak tahu kenapa? Old songs stay in our memories for a long time. While the new ones attract you for the moment of their playing. I could be mistaken somehow. Thanks Nadiya!
  • awesome  thoughts  penned with an awesome  instrumental ...

    Nice to see you dear  friend  after a long spell :)

  • Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy!

  • Maffkan teman ku, saya menulis nama kamu salah. Jangan marah. Sorry for writing Hadiyah instead of Nadiyah.

  • Dear Nadiyah, he played amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
  • Colors talk,
    words fragrant

  • Great!

    I enjoyed your poem. You don't need to write something lengthy or difficult. Keep it up!

  • Saya suka Simon dan Garfunkel banyak, Hadiyah. (Halo kegelapan, teman lama saya. Saya tela datang untuk berbicara dengan kamu lagi)   It used to be my Favorited song. Jangan lupa pernikahan! 

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