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I have been working for several organizations in my university campus. Through the journey, I have learnt so many things about life, carrier and humanity. I dedicated my labour for an organization which is working for students and providing facilities to learn English language within professional and academic premisses. Another one is an international technical organization, named IEEE, which is offering a platform to be connected to the largest technical network in the globe. I also work for a cultural community in here where i perform  as an actor. I found there are so many ways to be professional in any area of business but there is no way to learn something about social bonding and the respect regarding this issue. We are on a tons of modern things and at the same time we are pusshing out the memories of past form our brain. 

Here my question stands for the haeds of thought that the electronic communication facilitates one of the amenities in the modern skyscraper society. How does it actually?

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  • Volunteering is a good tool to discover ourselves really  . It's a venting window  opening our souls on the real meaning of being a human . Best of luck . May Allah bless you :)

    • Thank you. I feel that it is my responsibility to make things a little easier for the next. That is how we can make our home safe.

  • kimon acho Rezuan Ulislam. No doubt about it. It made plenty of things easier for us. It is a good thing to help others. Happy New year to Rezuan.

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