The smile

  A smile doesn't cost anything, but it's so precious. It makes someone who accepts it rich without making poor the person who gives it.

It lasts only a moment but its memory is many times forever.

A smile rests a tired person gives courage to a disappointed one comforts the sad one, boosts the hopefulness and creates happiness in the house. And though cannot be borrowed, cannot be stolen, cannot be bought cannot be taken by force, because it's something that has value when it's given. And if one day meets somebody who will not donate the smile you deserve to be generous and higher people and you give yours because nobody needs it more than the person who can give it, too.


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  • Kalemera Anastasia! It is true that it does not cost us anything to smile, but some of us find it difficult to do so. Thanks for sharing.

  • People: Smile!


    • These people don't want to smile. It's very difficult for them to smile. I liked the funny way you approached the text. Thanks a lot. 

  • At the end of every day, it's only important whether there has been just one single moment that made you smile, and if your smile made someone else also smiling, you got the best gift you can get in return.


    • Thanks, Rose for your nice comment. You are right.

  • So many thanks to all for your warm comments. That's the purpose of a smile after all.

  • A smile can reset us from bad mood to good mood.  A baby smile is the world's best and pure smile. Nice blog on me:) 

    • Many thanks, dear for your nice comment.

  • Very nice like a sweet smile, soft, calm and serene.


    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
  • Very Nice

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