The red words :):):)

Well..i want to ask you something.

                                                     How many times do you LAUGH on the day?

                                                                                 okay ..another question

                                                     How many times do you seek for Laughing everyday?

Do you see the red words ?...yeah this blog is about laughing,humor,smiling..........anything makes you happy..

Humor and laughing are infectious .When you laugh the whole world laughs with you.Laughing is not hard.Life is not hard ..:) Do not be hard on yourself and take it easy and  turn any hard moment in your life to a funny one.well let's talk about laughing then i will provide you with the benefits of laughed that they were scientifically proved..:):)

The first thing i wanna talk about is makeup....yeah ...Do not be surprised...LADIEs!...Do not you know that the best makeup ever for you is a smile on your face .laughing and smiling has another meaning when they came out from a lady like you.Do not make burdens of life build a barrier between you and your smiley face.Always laugh. Enjoy your life what ever are beautiful and deserve to be happy. so at your work ,home,street any wheeeeeere....smileee...your smile always make you closer from your lovely friends and make you tease your enemies.your happiness always kills your enemies:):):):)

If you are a man sorry that the previous part was for women..:D..Do not worry the next part for you both..:D :D

I think the photo may show what i wanna talk about..:):)

Here on MyEc i have read a great blog entitled 

Thank you dear thief for your kind visit (^_^)

byarif saeed....I think you have to read it....The point is How we can turn bad moments to a great ones.How can we over come any trying to disappoint us.How to face our problem and difficulties with released welcomed.When you find your self in a bad situation or something make you sad and depressed ask your self next questions  (I found them in an article :):)

  • Is it really worth getting upset over?
  • Is it worth upsetting others?
  • Is it that important?
  • Is it that bad?
  • Is the situation irreparable?
  • Is it really your problem?

Whatever the is not the end of the world...your sadness will not get anything back or solve any problem.So no need to be sad...i know sometimes to cry  relives our pains especially for girls.:D..but YOU HAVE TO LAUGH...laugh makes you restore your happiness ,confidence and your life...we were created to enjoy every moment not to make silly problems prevent us from moving on..sooooooo laugh...:):)

Even in an embarrassing situations....Look for the humor and try to make your self in a good the way....sharing embarrassing situations always be funny...i always do that.and laugh at my self...:D...:D Remember..Do not make silly situations control your life...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT..:):):)

well ..Now it is the time of the benefits of laughing scientifically..:)

Physical Health Benefits:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Lowers stress hormones
  • Decreases pain
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Prevents heart disease

Mental Health Benefits:

  • Adds joy and zest to life
  • Eases anxiety and fear
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves mood
  • Enhances resilience

Social Benefits:

  • Strengthens relationships
  • Attracts others to us
  • Enhances teamwork
  • Helps defuse conflict
  • Promotes group bonding

I hope that the previous facts urge you to catch every moment and is toooooo short to be sad or disappoint...........etc...

well...Do not get bored of me just Do me a favor and accept the next challenge..:)..Ready?!

without using your hands?....Can you raise your cheeks up? ha......come on....

yesssssss.....if you smiled a biiiiiiiiiiiiig smile....well...Congratulations won the challenge..:):):)Thank you very much for your time.I hope that i was able to convince you How is laughing important in all ways even as a makeup..:D :D :D.....i hope that i could draw a smile on your faces..:)...Wish you happiness and life filled with laughing and happy moments...any comments or corrections are more than welcome...:):):):)

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  • Hi Karol,

    What a nic post, Might be one smile cannot change the world but it can change your world. So, don't forget to smile :). 

    Thanks for sharing the nice topic here.


  • Wow. Great message! Lighten up folks ;)

  • Thank Karol describing the benefits of laughter scientifically and also thank for mentioning one of my blogs as a reference. 

    By chance I have read it today :) 

  • Dear  Noorany..:):):)

    You are welcome and2387974656?profile=original

  • Lol....Ah..:D...okay ..i will ask its opinion and tell you the reply..:P :P :P..:D

  • karol, I want a cat to exercise with me not on me .. this cat seems dangerous :p

  •  AH_TK ...:D

    well if you like the cat....Here you are this on..;)2387971840?profile=originalBut keep your face away or you may get hurt..:P:P:P

    anyway..:P..Thank you for your comment..You too always smile but like:):):) not:(:(:(..:P :P..:D

  • karol, I have a comment on your blog ... 

    I like the cat that exercises in your comment to noa ... hahahah

    just kidding .. nice blog and keep smile :( :( :( 


  • cherry-blossom..:):):)

    Thank yooou very much....wish you a life with loads of fun ,smiling and laughing..:):)...i really appreciate your valuable comment..:)2387969267?profile=original

  •  Lucy:D

    Woooow...Your Comment is greater than the Blog itself....I like your comment it is filled with life and  optimism....Thank yooou from the bottom of my heart for your valuable comment.2387969364?profile=original

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