The Real man!

In my point of view, The real man is not rich and handsome. The real man is who knows the value of Women's. He always stands for truth. A real man should understand he doesn't protect his woman because she is weak, he protects her because she is important. He supports his woman always what she wants to do, not make a restriction for her. Thanks to God because I have a real man in my life.

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  •  A REAL WOMAN takes care of her Man, and a REAL MAN takes care of ...

  • I respect your opinion. This is my opinion: It is the responsibility of every human being to know the value of all beings. Due to centuries of patriarchy, this responsibility of men has become a favor. Just because a man knows the value of women doesn't mean he's a real man, It is his duty.

    another point is that there are many arguments about beauty and its nature in philosophy and other disciplines and I really can’t speak about the word beauty itself but as I know the “perception” of beauty and handsomeness is relative, and if a man is not handsome according to a woman, there is no reason for their romantic relationship just because he knows the value of women. and also if a woman is not beautiful “according to me”, actually I respect her as a human, but I don’t want to live with her. If she is beautiful according to me, then she is the most beautiful woman on earth.

    but about money, why money is important? Money is important because it’s a symbol of power. Some say nowadays money is important but it was not important in the past. this is a fallacy. Money means power and power has always been important. In the past, money was not important because money was not a symbol of power. but the ability to kill wild animals and get food was important. Today, we do not kill wild animals and we do not fight with each other to get food, but instead we spend money. In the past, a man who could get more food was a real man for a cave woman, today a man who has more money ... . Food is an example. Today we need money for everything. To buy books, to buy Internet to come here, to survive. Today, if a patient with coronavirus does not have money (at least in my country) he/she will die. Wealthy patients are even more respected than poor patients!...As I said, money is just a symbol, and It's not bad to be interested in money. so we can't blame women because rich men are attractive to them.

    Sorry Meenu for this long comment I promise it won't happen again.:d. What I wrote was my opinion and your opinion is very respectful.

    Of course, in the end, I must say that I am not a rich man, and if I had lived in the past, I would have been killed quickly by strong warriors!!! 


    • Everyone has own point of view. Its depend upon situation and person. Anyway thanks for respect to my views.

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    • Thanks @ ella

  • Well, I agree with you dear and the best thing is that you have a man in your life who knows how to respect women and  take stand for her. 

    • Exactly Manisha,


  • According to your point of view,  Can't Rich and handsome men to be real men? ''The real man is not rich and handsome.'' except that sentence, I totally agree with your blog.

    • ok Fine.


    • Well, I don't know her reason, but I think she only put this first, because this is what many women are looking for... you know. Just to show what in her eyes is more important. But lets hear her reason...

    • Thanks.

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