The Outstanding Significance of the Air Pollution-Smog

Warning:The following article contains material that is too fake, viewer discretion is advised.

Having been living in the smog for more than 100 years, people in the planet finally found the truth that the smog was an invaluable possession human donated to the earth. There are many ways of taking advantage of the smog proved to be practical and necessary.

First, date in the smog is very helpful to accelerate the process of getting close. Recent research shows that when the figure of PM 2.5 exceeds 1000, which means it’s not possible to see each other clearly in 100cm, the possibility of hand-holding, cuddling and other body contacts is tripled.

Second, the smog is considered as a new shield against the alien monitor and attack. As the density of small particles in the air is so high, that laser weapons and techniques based on photography won’t work,  the security system of the earth is automatically reinforced.

Third, the smog makes a great contribution to the field of medicine. As people have been used to living in a low visibility situation, the symptom of nearsightedness has been wiped out from the textbook of medicine. “That’s very significant movement to help the citizens cultivate the consciousness of letting the sight go.” Dr Blind from Great Air Pollution University commented.

What’s your unforgettable experience in the smog or any kind of air pollution? Share your opinion on our website to support the Air Pollution Protection Law.

I tried to write an ironic article this time, since the air pollution has been one of the most serious problems in the city I live for years. Right now, look out of my window, I see a “Silent Hill”.

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  • Hi, Expector Smith! Maybe this is the first time I say hi to you. Thank you for your compliment. I tried to create a little black humor to talk about some serious problems which usually are considered tedious or not that attractive. And I’m very happy to see a few friends felt interesting to read it.

  • Excellent!

    It seems people tend to be humorous when they can do nothing but accept something bad. We should take action, even though it will take a lot of time and effort to make the sky blue again. 

    Keep it up!

  • Dear Risty!  I'm sorry to hear that you have weak lungs. Actually, so do I... Sometimes, even the second-hand smoke would kill me if I don't wear a PM2.5 mask. But I’m better after a year’s work in a city by the sea where there is less air pollution. However, now I have to take a small air purifier with me everywhere.

    I totally agree with you. The nature of the pollution issue is based on human’s endless greed for wealth and ambitious invasion of the green forests and the grasslands. Many countries in history followed the industrialization strategy of development first regardless of the pollution problems, but dealing with the pollution later when it became fatal. Many years later, the fresh air came back, and the environment was considered even better than ever before. We do have the solution to it. But the question is can all of us wait decades? A research shows that lung cancer will explode in a society seven years later after the serious smog air pollution, not to mention those who have respiratory system diseases.

    Everyone has the responsibility to fight for the clean air, water, and soil, because if we don’t, we are the generation to suffer the pain right now.

    Thank you for your comment, Risty. Take care of yourself, and wish you all good health.

  • Dear Jade, I will never think that there is significance of this smoke, in fact, I really hate smoke tantamount I hate air pollution,having very weak lungs I can't stand a stinky city air. haha
    You know, this air pollution is a result of human's greed and technological misused, just for industrialization and commercial mass production, business conglomerate, and marketing tycoon cares only for their wealth, and live at the expense of other people's health.
    I agree with Vangie that this is a collective responsibility of each and every one of us, we can't blame the government alone for this because we are responsible for preserving our lives.
    For example, I really hate when someone throwing wrapper of candies anywhere, and if someone just spits chewing gum anywhere or rather stick that anywhere.
    This responsibility correlates to our values as a person.

    Thanks for sharing Jade.

  • Dear Shoba!

    Thank you so much for your compliment! You always encourage me with your warm words.

    Best wishes to the earth, our beautiful home planet. Hope we can solve the pollution problem and pass down a better world to our desendants.

  •  Eva, my dear. You really have a sensitive radar to sense the real nature of the problem and the true feelings hidden deeply in my heart. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    You are quite right. The environment issue has no national boundary, as we share the same air and water system in the planet.  And history has already showed the consequences to us after the first industrial revolution.  I believe there are objective researches on the air pollution issue, and we should take actions right now to deal with the problem.  However…somehow, there’s ridiculous conclusion like the figure of PM 2.5 is effected by the way we cook…

     I can’t agree with you more that everyone should take the problem seriously and  protect our Mother Nature.  There’s good news that most of us realized the problem and began to do something. The problem is how long will it take us to see the effect if we don’t tackle the NATURE of the smog issue.

  • Excellent writing, dear Jade! You have raised awareness about air pollution in a unique and amusing way. Thank you very much for sharing this post here. 

    I truly hope solutions will be found to pollution problems and we all can live in a cleaner and greener world. 

  • Dear LUCInka!

    I’m very happy to see that you got the point of the black humor I tried to create! And thank you for sharing your excellent ideas to support the” Air Pollution Protection Law”.  Hahaha. Driving in the smog becomes the best visual reality game in real life. And the relationship between parents and their teenager children has improved a lot with the help of smog. What’s more, everyone will have the fashionable smoky hairstyle for free. What wonderful smog!!!

    Although we made jokes about the smog, we’re anxious about the air pollution problem. I’m sorry to admit that we have the same smog period which starts in autumn and ends in the next spring. I think it’s relative to the heating system in the city and the activity of burning the straw in the farm around…

  • I like your writing; dear Jade ;) It is sad irony but written in really funny way!!! You have great sense of humour!!! btw I know it very well as I live in the city, which is situated in one of the worst poluted areas in Europe :/ I still have to admit it isn't as bad here as in China...Every autumn it starts and it is over in spring...bleee... just right now we will go through it again! Let me add that living in smog has these two more advantages - driving turns to adrenalin activity and if somebody is a teenager who secretly smokes, parents can't recognize from smell of their hair or clothes if they smoked or were just outside in smog :D
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