The Old Man And Me


I owe much of the author Ernest Hemingway for his novel The Old Man And The Sea. I personally feel, I am just like the old man Santiago of his novel in many aspects .

Since in my early years, I have dreamt to be an English teacher. I strove to make my dream come a true. I merely considered that studying was releasing outlet when I feel tired.
I stood just a few steps away from the forty seven
I became an old man and my vivid dream also became an old one. It was growing up with me. I had got everything through my life. I defeated poverty  which prevented me from chasing my old dream. I achieved finally most precious things, except the old dream of mine. I was waiting as long as a great wish lurked in my heart.

Much later, I joined to The College Of Arts.
 From then on , I devoted myself to attain my dream. So I made many sacrifices in order to be an English teacher. I lost my position as tradesman among my friends, became uncared for money. Moreover, I shrunk a little from participation in my city’s social activities. I did my best to study. I learnt  as much as I could to get higher marks in my class, and  to challenge my fate. At last I managed to be a clever and a successful old student in my college.

Soon after, I graduate and get a certificate which qualifies me to be an English teacher. But I can’t be a good  teacher for many reasons.

In the novel The Old Man And The Sea, there was a hero whose name was Santiago. The fish of The Old Man Santiago was so big, but he could not deal with it. It was uneatable because the sharks had eaten it. Although the old man aimed his strong desire but unfortunately the fish was useless for him.

I feel that I am just like Santiago. I get my certificate in English language but , it is no longer useful to promote me to be a good teacher. My health no longer good as before . Moreover I can't hear audible sounds clearly. I have Tinnitus which makes me tired a lot.  My eyes no longer as eagle eyes because I have read too much recently. Let alone my body is exhausted. I physically unfit to teach students now, though my delight spirit. Even I never –say- die attitude, but what can I do?

Apparently there is unseen powers and unavoidable incidents  which controls our destinies.  Our wills and obviations are not sufficient enough to complete our dreams.

In the Ernest Hemingway’s novel , the hero
Santiago was unbeaten man but there were justifiable reasons behind losing his aim. He hunted a very big fish , but it was useless.

Santiago  was a good reflection to my struggle against my fate.

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  • Your experience in life is an inspiration, Sir! You conquer everything to achieve your dream, which is to become an English teacher. Don't lose hope, i believe that even you're not qualified to teach in school, you can share your knowledge on this platform. I'll see you around here, sir. I look forward to learning from you. :)

    Best regards from all of us at

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  • Most of us experienced the same in our lives. I have learned that if you wish to have your dream come true, manage time and follow it strictly. Time mismanagement is one of the main factor behind our failure. In pursuit of your dream, you must have learnt a lot and gained much experience which are assets of your life. You should disseminate it among new generation as a charity. 

  • Wonderful, dear Tawfeeq. Your post remindes me those days of MyEC... :)

  •   Don't  look to the bad side of your story  . You should be proud of your achievement  because  it's difficult to learn  a language in your age  . However  ,  look to our Islamic  history and heritage  our scholars  dedicated  their life for learning and teaching  . Your knowledge  won't  be useless  at all 

     There must be an exist  from your condition  . And remember  

        " من سلك طريقا يلتمس  فيه علما سهل الله له به طريقا إلى الجنه " 

    " أن الملائكة لتستغفر لمعلم الناس العلم ، حتى الحيتان في البحر " 

    Don't  compare yourself with an imaginary character  that  live only in the mind  of its author  , don't break your self and when you want to hold a tourch  take your own one  .  Your  livelihood  is in the hand of Allah  

           Best of luck 

  • Thank you sewar for your reading and nice comment. That's very kind of you.

  •        Lovely artical about your dream. A person who has good dreams and a strong will to make them become true, regardless of what he had to give up for in life. Therefore, he cannot give up on his dream only because he has reached his middle age. God bless you.

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