The meaning of moving forward

Once I read that humans could fly, only not for so long. Our little attempt to fly is called jumping. Just a leap upwards and we defeat gravity.
Gravity, that it's not only the force of attraction that the Earth has to pull us down. It's also the force of all that is dull that press us down.
The procedure to jump starts with a sudden thrust. You give your body a push upwards and loose contact with the soil. You are on your own, and fly for a couple of seconds.
If you want to fly a little longer (just a second more), you run until you pick up momentum and give a leap to the air. 
And you fly.
Why, you can even feel the force of the air against you when you fly!
But you know, there's no bird that flies forever, so there's no jump that lasts long.
Sooner than later that energy you gathered to break Gravity runs down and then the jump ends.
You are back on solid ground again, wired, as if you're a tree rooted to the soil, and can't fly. Till you give that leap again.

But you always, always know at the bottom of your heart, that the jump will end.
But you will always, always know that it felt so good to be a bird for just one second or two.

(Is it stronger the desire of becoming a bird again, or the fear to fall?)

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  • It is stronger the desire of becoming a bird again. The feeling is ..... great!

    Great blog, Ishtar! :)

  • creative presentation of a jump... I really like the idea that I feel wanna jump after reading :) 

    Thanks for sharing :) 

  • I think it is stronger the desire of becoming a bird then  the fear to fall. But you expressed that jump so good that I remember that feeling of flight, when I was jumping with my bike from the small springboard. Thank you for sharing!

    Btw, nowadays people, called base jumpers are flying much longer:)

  • Hola Ishtar. we all love flying. Maybe, that is the reason why airplane tickets are so expensive. They can go up and down according to the stock market. Nevertheless, we have to keep on that leaping, as you said. Can I be one of your friends? Thanks.

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