The Meaning of Dreams......

Did you ever dreaming something? My life is full with dreaming and dreaming. Because with dreaming, we can get new soul and positive energy to reach or grape something or someone. I like to dream and I am a good dreamer.

When i was child,I always asked by my teacher,"when you grow up, what did you be come or the other word is what was your goal when you be teen" and my answer is, " i want to be a Doctor". Since child, I was write my dream in my Deary and remember it. That is always give me new soul and courage me to grape it and I always did everything to reach it.

My Dreaming every year is change, base on my purpose what i will do this year, i called it as Plan one year. Alhamdulilah, until now, i still consistant with my mind. Sometimes, when i cant reach my dreaming, or i have got failed for one weeks or 3 days my heart very very sad, and I felt why that it could happen. But no more times, we have to with dreaming again, and we could get up again and more spirit.

So, i think, Dreaming is Important in our living and We must have Dreams......

How about you?? Do you have a dreams like me?

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  • Dreams are part of my life....if there is no dream thers is no future.

     One of my dreams  is to speak English fluently......

    Nice blog Anua :D

  • You almost right my Dear. Yes...and Yup!!! ^.^  The meaning is about Goal. If we want be big Leader. We must dare have big dreams. We start from dream then we walk base on what we have planned, so our live more have meaning...Thanks for comment...:)

  • heyyy, don't see my avatar. I copied it from internet and pretend that I'm her..kekeke...

  • Ya, sure. i have a dream..and it is always the same. hihihi....It is : to become a "beautiful girl" ehehe...What's? You ask me How I look like now? OK. I will whisper to your ears...sssss...don't shout in public...Now I look like "big mama" OMG...

  • Yang Guo @: No Comment always have another meaning Guo....but it is ok...:)


  • thank you Naevi....You all right, " Live without dreams is Dark like walking without directions"


  • Hello Anau!

    Your blog is really interesting. I am a good dreamer an sometimes i exaggerate with them, but i can say that live without dreams would be a mistake.

  • Dinushi: Tahank you....You too....Hope your dreams come true....:->

  • Interesting blog Anau :)

    Absolutely,dreams are extremely important.In my life,I have a lot of dreams more than I can bear, but I try to realize all of my dreams. Actually, dreams keep me alive..

    Hope your dreams come true...! :)

  • Sandeep: Thank you sandeep, yeah you all right.....we have to build some of planning too, not just dreaming and writing my dreaming in diary.

    okey...thank you....:)

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