Greetings!I thought I would just post a quick blog to let you know that The Learning English Video Project will now be available to watch using MyEnglishClub. I have uploaded the films for the benefit of those people who were unable to see them either on Youtube or on I hope that these videos will be useful and that you will learn something from them, if indeed you have not seen them before!I would also like to let you know that 'Insights From China', the next film in the series, will be released soon! This film will tackle a completely different aspect of learning English that I hope you will find exciting, educational and entertaining!I hope you are enjoying 2010 so far!Best Wishes,Daniel.
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  • Waiting for the release.

  • This is such a great idea, I really admire the initiative. Like everyone else, can't wait to see the fiilm on learning English in China.
  • Great! Thanks for the update. I can't wait to see "Insights From China"!
  • hi,
    thanks your post. let send to me your link, i will enjoy.
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