The inteligent monky

Once upon a time a monkey jumping on trees on that time unexpectedly his tail pierced by thorn.a man(barbar) was going with knife on the way.The monkey approached him and requested him like this Barbar barbar... a thorn has pierced into my tail. it's giving me unbearable pain so could you please remove it. then the Barbar want to help to monkey in this process the tail was fully cut and separated from monkey.the monkey annoyed and demanded from the Barbar like this will you restore my tail or give your knife. then the Barbar gave knife to monket and went away.

the monkey was going with knife. an old women was removing grass from the ground with her hands the monkey approched her and say like this grand ma why are you hurting your hands please take it to cut the grass.the old women took that knife and cutting the grass from ground. in this pross the knife was breaked. the monkey saw that and asked like this give me either my knife or your grass. the old women gave grass and went away.

the monkey was going with the grass to his home. a villager going on the same way with basket full of jagegery. in this time it was raining. the jaggery was getting drenched. the monkey told with villager like this Brother brother... the jaggery was getting drenched.take this grass and cover the jaggery.the villager took grass and covered jaggery with grass.after some time the rain stopped. the jaggery got stuck to the grass. the monkey said "give me back my Grass or the jaggery. the villager gave jaggery and went away.

a women preparing sweet snacks without jaggery the monkey watched that and said to women like this Sister will be very tasty if you add jaggery in the preparation of the snacks.she took the jaggery prepared the snacks.the women went to home for something then the monkey took all sweet snacks and went away.

the monkey ate some sweet snacks and threw some snacks on the ground on the way one cow ate that snacks the monkey fight for that with his owner and asked like this give my snacks or your cow because your cow eat my snacks. he gave that cow and went way that place. the monkey took that and ride on that.

on the way the monkey going the monkey listen drum sounds and went there.the monkey saw a person beating a drum and singing joyfully. the monkey liked that so much and asked him "if your drum i will give you my cow" then the person accept that and gave his drum and took that cow and went away.

the monkey was found a good place and began to sing beating the drum joyfully like this
"i lost tail then i got knife ,dum,dum,dum
i lost knife then i got jaggery,dum,dum,dum
i lost jaggery then i got snacks dum,dum,dum
i lost snacks then i got cow dum,dum,dum....dum...dum

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