The Importance of the Cell Phone


“Necessity is the mother of invention” claims a widespread saying of elite essays edge writers indicating that people constantly create different devices and machines due to the constant growth of the human needs and demands. In such a way, new advanced technologies develop all the branches of science and increase the level of life, because people have more opportunities to live more comfortable at present. In fact, the creation of a cell phone is a great wonder of the twenty-first century, and it is a unique means of communication all over the world.

Communication is a close connection of many people, but the cell phone is the integral part of every single person. Undoubtedly, the invention of the cell phone has some advantages and disadvantages when a person interacts with others. In general, people use it as a device that helps them store the most important data, take pictures, listen to the music or even improve foreign language. The cell phone is a unique thing that unites people of different nations living in the same city, country or abroad. Many families keep in touch with relatives anytime and anywhere to know how they live and what they do. Firstly, it enables parents to control their children in order to be sure that they are healthy and alive, because everything can happen. In this case, especially teenagers must be under the constant control as they need much attention during this period of life. Secondly, in the event of an immediate emergency, the cell phone can help a person call the ambulance very quickly to save his/her own life, or life of another person. In addition, it allows getting to the hospital as soon as possible not wasting precious time, in order to avoid possible irreversible effects. Thirdly, the cell phone brings money in business. It gives more possibilities to establish the communication with clients in any situation providing the access to the Internet in order to send and receive necessary files or photos. Moreover, some modern cell phones have GPS technologies that help businessmen find the appropriate place and location of the searching firm avoiding the loss of time and money.

The use of the cell phone is like obsession that can destroy life as it carries some threat to society. I notice that people continuously utilize their cell phones even not suspecting how dangerous the cell phones are. The problem is that the last types of the cell phones can perform many various options due to the equipped new advanced technologies, but at the same time they create the electromagnetic field. Scientists conducted a detailed research and made the conclusion that the increase of the electromagnetic exposure influences human health very negatively developing leukemia or even causing cancer. On the other hand, many large companies give their employees additional cell phones in order to control them all the time and not only during the working hours. Such policy irritates people as they do not have private life.

Summing up, I think that the cell phone is a miraculous device of the decade that made a great contribution into human life providing many new opportunities for a close communication between people. Undoubtedly, the cell phone helps everyone to interact anytime of the day in any part of the world. Moreover, the use of the cell phone allows running any business successfully by storing the necessary information or connecting clients to sign a contract. However, the cell phone can have a negative impact on human health with horrible consequences.

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  • I know one thing now.  We have moved in another place to live here in USA, here I have to use Uber for movement.  I never care about cell phone before.  But now I think what will happen, if I go some where using Uber and by chance lost or misplace my phone or my phone become out of order what I would do.  There will be no means for me even to tell my family my situation.  So cell phone is must, and to keep it working and maintained is also must.

  •  Hi it is very good.l hope one day l can write like you

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