The Importance of Learning English

Have you ever wondered why is everybody going crazy about learning English? Don’t you think things will be a whole lot easier if you will just focus on your native language? Why learn English when you can communicate in your local language at home? Why is English so important that learners are willing to spend time and money just to be fluent in it? These are the questions that some of my students asked. The answer is very simple: English is the universal language.

English is widely spoken in different places all over the world. According to the British Council, there are about 375 Million people who speak English as their first language and the same number of speakers use it as a second language. 750 million people in the world speak English as a foreign language. English is used in almost everything. Newspapers, books, magazines, road signs, movies, and even electronically stored data are mostly written in English. Math, Science and Medicine are also spoken and written in English. 

English language is essential in every aspect of a person’s life. In this article, I will list the most important area in which English can be used indispensably. 

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  • it is the only language i really spend almost all my time
  • hello  Clarisse

    I agree with you that English language is essential in every aspect of a person’s life

    thank you for your nice blog 

  • Nice blog...I really love to learn.

  • Hello student9 and thank you for taking time to read my post. If I get it right, you are asking how long does it take for a person to become fluent in English. Actually, becoming fluent all depends on you. The more you immerse yourself in English, the faster you become fluent. You may want to take extra classes in English either via a face to face tutoring or online. You may also try practicing your conversational skills with a native or fluent English speaker. It all depends on you and how much free time you set aside to learn English. 

  • Thank you for this good benefit topic
    I am so angry of my self because I delayed to learn english , I know in school and university they teach us but not exactly as main material , I appreciated english language value when I traveled , It's so bad if you travel without dealing with people .
    after I started learn english , I became enjoy watch english channels , I can join to lot of facebook groups and sites like this , always I say to my friends " English Language Like Passport , without it will not travel and do many things like big business .
    So , Teacher : I wish to benefit of your experience , Can you please tell me how long anyone need to be english speaking fluently .
    Thank You ,

  • You can click on the link that says "Continue Reading" to read the rest of the blog. It is originally posted on my website. I just cross-post it here :) Thank you for reading. 

  • For some people, they need or have to learn English; for some other people, they are so willing or love to learn it.

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