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      One of the greatest fears was the possibility of eternal recurrence, that everything that had been through would keep repeating itself, that nothing would change. As Nietzshe had said, we needed to embrace amor fati, the love of fate. We needed to trust that all suffering and loss we'd endured was ultimately good, that everything that'd happened had a predestined purpose. Only then could we stimulate a transformation of consciousness. 



 You know what kind of an environmental blight golf courses are? An eighteen-hole golf courses uses eight hundred thousand gallons of water a day, and requires four tons of germicides, pesticides, and hebicides every year.  Most of the chemicals are corcinogenic - organophosphate, methylmercury. They run off and leach ino the ground and kill everything within miles of generations. All of this development - it's all big - boxification and sprawl-Mart. Forty-six acres of farmland are paved over every hour in our countries, and the agribusiness that's left, you just don't know what the hell you're eating anymore, all these GMO's, cows and chickens fed with corn and soybean pumped up with antibiotics that breed resistant stains of bacteria, these farmed fish with PCB's. It's all Frankenfood. You just can't imagine the consequences. That's the problem it's a lack of imagination. Your SUV, for example. You know it produces one pound of CO2 for every mile you drive? You drive twenty thousand miles a year, that's ten tons of CO2 expelled into the air annually. Mulitply that by a billion cars, along with all the methane and chlorofluorocarbons released every day, and you wonder why the ozone layer is being depleted, why there's a hole over the Arctic Circle, why there's global warming?



 Think about it - it's not too late for a new beginning~ Life is much wonderful if we value what is more vital in our lives. You can't bring these corporeal when you die. All these gewgaw are temporary and couldn't bring the real happiness. Life is too short not to share with the people we all love. Family and real friends are priceless; all the mundane fun are just an erzats that clings into our lives. There's no such thing as forever and lifetime but only memory and even this one might faded along the way. Your beauty might scars by any accident but your heart, will still be the same and never be worn out - this is the real beauty. Society tells you what to wear, what fashion is; how to be sexy and how to live your life given by these all-commercialize info that tantalize your mind. Addiction became aversion. 


What I'm trying to say is...


Pray, Eat, and Love - have you watch and read it? You should try, it's very inspiring and a real-life story. 

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