Story and picture by Janeth Duarte


        THE DAY broke, brushstrokes of color showed up in a dark sky, painting it with softened reds and oranges. A tender drizzle had drenched the soil, filling the air with a warm scent. Some dew drops were still hanging from leaves, shining like small pieces of glass.

       The cat woke up. He had a playful face and dark fur. He opened his rounded, bluish eyes thinking of the day ahead and waiting for the adventure he had dreamed about for so long: to discover the deepest secret hidden in the forest.

       It was his first day outdoors. With determined step he headed to the woodland, keeping his head high and senses alert.

       After a few hours walking, the cat came upon an imposing tree. He was extremely tall, slim, with many layers of green branches swirling around him like a furious tornado. The tiny animal felt astonished and with a shy voice asked the tree if he knew the mystery of that place.   The slender tree didn’t hear anything. He was too busy chatting to the clouds. The kitten shouted many times, but there was no answer.

      He left disappointed and went deep into the bushes. There was a gigantic rock placed near a cave. Majestic and gleaming like the sun, tiny pieces of gold were embedded on its sides. The cat watched it with awe, asking the same question about the forest. The rock looked as if it were listening, but its “face” was too cold and unfriendly…that rock showed no interest in that issue.

      The small creature lowered his head and left again. From far away he made out a creek greeting him cheerfully.  He ran to him jumping joyfully and told the brook what he wanted to know. The dashing currents of the stream full of foam were answering but every word flew away like the wind takes the notes of a song. That water was in a hurry and was only able to utter intermittent words.

      The tired and sleepy feline lay down on the ground, giving up.   After some hours he straightened up upon hearing the notes of a sweet voice. It was a small flower resting over an old brownish crust, surrounded with yellow petals as if they were a glimmering crown. She asked him what took him to that side of the land.

       They were talking for hours. With a smile on her face she tutored him about the most ferocious creatures wandering through the jungle stalking their prey, about the wild vegetation moving like traveling threads and wrapping everything in its way and about the magic nights decorated by a starry sky full of hovering candles. The cat fell asleep with the soft whispers of the forest.

       With the first dawn rays the cat got up, calling to his friend. Leaping over the empty trunk he saw that she was gone, some dark petals were still floating in the air and a withered stalk lay on the ground.   With tearful eyes the cat left, but his heart was filled with a sweet and charming fragrance.  He realized that he would carry inside of him forever the treasure of that land: the warmth and beauty of a tiny blossom.


                                                                                             THE END   




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Janeth Duarte

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  • What a wonderful writing!

  • Hi Janeth.   It's has been a while. 

    Happy New Year 

  • What a beautiful story, Janeth! 

    I enjoyed the plot and how you set the words.

    Thanks so much for this great piece of writing. 

  • Brilliant story!  Nice to have you back again. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thank you Shaheen! I appreciate that you read it and I am glad that you like it.  Happy New Year!!!

  • The hidden treasures was around the cat right from the beginning . Being a live to enjoy the bless of nature is our biggest treasure . That's the meaning and aim of your story .
    Your words are so poetic . You have described nature in an eloquent way and taught us a big lesson . Our curiosity blind us from seeing what is close to seek what isn't there .
    I am so happy to see you back here dear Janeth 🌸

    • Hi Rosemary! it is really nice to hear from you again and be back!  Thank you for your beautiful comment. You are right..sometimes we are too busy focusing on what we don't have instead on focusing on what we have in front of many precious things.  I am glad that you took the time to read the story. You are an excellent writer and I admire you for that, so I appreciate all your comments! Take care and Happy New Year!

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    • Thank you so for reading the story. I am glad that you enjoyed it. Happy New Year!

  • Oh my!! Look who is back here ))) Janeth ))) Such a long time. Why have you abandoned us?

    Your stories are so wonderful and you are a really great storyteller(writer). I remember some of your works. Kids loved reading them. You always find a way to combine letters and words to make your stories sound attractive to a reader of any age.

    Congratulations on your new story. I loved that lovely kitten. Good personifications: so many characters could be recognized in the tree and the well as in the flower and the kitten itself. I loved the adjectives you used to describe the characters of the writing ))) 

    Conclusion: splendid as usual. Thanks for sharing and welcome back )))

    Happy New Year ))

    • Hi. I am back! Sorry, I have been a little busy lately abd I haven't written much lately.

      Thank you for taking the time to read the story and for your comments. I appreciate all of them. You delved into every character. I am glad of that!

      Happy New Year to you too and take care!

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