When you read the biography of successful people, be it educationalists, bureaucrats, politicians, scientists etc, you may find many stories of their  unresting exertion with consistency despite experiencing ups and downs on the way to their destination or achievement of their dreams. The constant adherence to the dream plan and strategy is the result of being optimist even when others are hoping against the hope. Whereas, pessimism leads the dreamer to abandonment of the endeavor and makes him idle.  A question bears in mind, how can one stand steady on the race of life and competition?

        Honestly speaking, I have no idea what inspires the dreamer to stand steady till the success. However, I can let you know my experience as a sportsman that I gained such spirit from cricket. In cricket or any sport we learn many lessons of life such as collaboration, discipline, execution of strategy, suppression of stress, self belief etc. the main factor among all is to remain positive which leads the player to the victory. In absence of optimism, he deviates from the strategy resulting in non-association in team. In short period of game, we, the player, practise being optimist. Finally, we become used to handling with all the challenges confront in the game and every walk of life. The former captain of Pakistan Cricket Team, Imran Khan who is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan has also been seen many times referring to his fighting spirit as a cricketer in every speech while proving his determination to fight against the corruption. I had a lot of examples of my own experience I can refer but time doesn't permit me to write or share you. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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  • Thank you for the appreciation, Kanimozhi 

  • Nice blog. Thank you so much for sharing this blog to us

  • I agree with you 100% Malal Jallon 

  • I fully agreed with your ideas,  it's true that to succeed in anything, it should be about habit,  ritual and consistency. Someone said" If you start with what is easy,  your life will be hard. But if you start with what is hard,  your life will be easy " and successful people start with what is hard so their life will be easy. 


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