The first digestive organ

What digestive organ do you think of first? You probably think of the stomach. However, in fact, the first digestive organ is the mouth and teeth. We first chew food, and then it is sent to the stomach. Chewing food well helps your stomach digest it. Bad teeth are not only a burden on your stomach but also deprive you from the pleasure of eating. This is very unfortunate because eating is one of the most important and pleasant things for us. Do you care about your teeth? How do you care about your teeth?

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  • Wasn't it the nose? ...feeling the smell of food and making all the digestive system start working even before seeing food and chewing?

    • Hi. O.M. Thank you for your comment. Haha, yes, that's right.

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  • Arigato Tam! You have answered that. Digestion starts in the mouth, first. My dentist told me to brush my teeth after each meal. He even went to say after waking up from sleep or having snacks or ice cream. Thanks, Tam for sharing.

    • Hi, Dara. Thank you for your comment. Yes, brushing teeth is most important for teeth, especially after eating something.

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