Toady is the first day of my English study ,A little disappointed ,better yet ,lots of challenge to me.

    First,want to share what make me disappointed.Before I went  here ,I have reconized that what make me a dumb English speaker is the language envrionment .Because we lack of the opportunity to use English,we only input ,without any output ,although we have learned so many words,grammers,speaking skills ,when we in front of a native English speaker,our brain became blank.we hardly open our mouth ,unfortunately,only our native language can be spoken out.After I got the opportunity ,I expect to have a real chance to use the language which I have learned so many years .Until the first day 's study is end ,I didn't get any chance .What I need to do is only to be a peaceful audience.

    Second,the first day also have a lot of challenges to me ,the first day's study ,I learned numbers of new words and phrase,for example ,I know the differents between homemaker and housewife.I also someone passed away means he is died.

   In any case,I hope to use this opportunity to get progress on my English,including oral english,writen english ,reading skills and listening.

   Is there any advice,send to me ,thank you my friends!


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  • Hi Dustin,

    Why don't you try to participate of conferences on skype?? There are some groups in which people get together to discuss a specific topic, this can be a very interesting and light way to learn English. At first, of course we forget words, but as we keep practicing, I'm sure we will improve.

    I only know one group which is only for women, but probably there are groups where you can participate.

    About your course, probably there are going to be many opportunities for you to practice your speaking skills and be more active as a learner.

    Good luck in your learning journey.

  • Best of luck, Dustin. I hope you'd become a fluent English speaker soon. :)

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