The first blog of 2016

It is about two years since I come here---EC, after back from traditional Chinese spring festival, now I am in the office, typing something from my brain, however I don't know what can I record, the life is quietly flowing from my never-stopping work steps all the time, the current job makes me sure that time goes by silently and rapidly. When traveling from one city to another for work reason, the feel of a little bit tired of both my body and soul is always along with me. As one of mainly labor forces of the family I must insist on this situation, to earn as much money as I can to maintain my family, my Mum and Dad are older day by day, they are separated because my son must be brought up by Mum, however Dad has to stay at the village where he always lives to care for the farmlands. Dad has spent most of his time on the farming, he has special feeling about the farmlands. Maybe it is one of reasons that he doesn’t willing to live with us immediately. Another reason I think is he doesn’t think his son can earn enough money to look after the whole family, he must do something as he always does to help me. Yes, life is hard for us now, but the future is bright.

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  • You will overcome all the problems by your attitude and high spirit. I wish you and your family all the best. Good luck.

  • awesome and brave words, well done!

  • Hi Jerry,welcome back! Great family!

    I like your last sentence. "Life is hard, but the future is bright"
    Thank you for sharing.
  • Dear Dara Gino, thanks for your comment, I will revise the point you mentioned.

  • Ni hao Jerry Lau! Xie xie! Be careful about the modal helping verbs and the other auxiliary verbs like does and do. I hope to be one of your friends. Good blog!

  • It is very encouraging that you have your hope for the future intact!
    Good luck my friend!!

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