The fall has come

When I left my house this morning, I was again delighted by the beauty of the fall colors.
Actually, the temperatures are more like summer than fall. We have still about 25 degrees, more or less. That is unusual for October here in our region.
When the sun shines on the leaves of the trees, it seems as if nature has been painting everything in blood-red and gold.

Please, have a look at this beauty!

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Rose Iris

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  • Yes, asd, it is fascinating. Thanks.

  • Hi, Rajib Ahmed. First of all, thanks for your comment on my post.

    The first picture, I can see when I look out my window.

    The other pictures, I took on the way around my city. 

    All that beauty is everywhere in my city. We have a few parks, and believe me, the fall paints those pictures, perfectly. 

    My city is located about 120 km far from our capital Berlin. In the south-east, near the border with Poland.

  • it's fascinate nature . thank you

  • wow! I like this kinda nature ,to be honest it mesmerised me when i saw it .from where u have taken these photo .i wish i could go there.what a astonishing beauty .Let me know about this place. I should go there and spend a quality time .

  • I like to take this kind of photos.

    Thanks, ELF-Noor for liking them.

  • Beautiful collection of images..

    thanks for sharing it.

    Now a days here also temperature is 20 degree centigrate.

  • Yes, SNR, I am one of the lucky ones who may witness it.

    Leaves are fresh green in spring. It's beautiful, every year again, but they show their best colors before dying, in fall.

  • Hey Rose, 

    You are really lucky to witness this beauty. Enjoy it :)

  • Hi, Rys.

    Thanks for commenting on my post.

    You are right. The fall is a perfect painter. Its pictures please the eyes. I've read once, the fall is the spring of the winter. I think that matches.
    Before nature shows to us its cold shoulder, it shows once more again how beautiful it is.

    I hope your medical check was just a routine check, my best wishes for you.

  • Oi there, folks

      Indeed, Iris, the colours of autumn have a special charm in them. Today, after my med. check, I took a bus home with the longest route just to admire the colours of fall. 

      My hometown looked really majestic in the golden-brow robes, majestic - yet very warm and friendly. 

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