The "face" of war

I never experienced how war is and so I don't know if I have the right to write about the hell of war. Nevertheless I will express my mind and my opinion about war.

We see pictures and we can't believe what we see but there are true pictures in the News.

Falling bombs and rockets, shooting men with guns.
People on the run ... screaming people ... injured people ... dying and dead people.
Lonely kids which have lost their families, have lost their home, have lost their childhood.
Blood everywhere, body parts on the street and empty shoes.
Buildings are ruins, there are only mountains of rubble.
People seek in the rubble, they seek for spilled people, seek for memories, seek for useful things under the rubble.
They trying to find someone who is still alive or to find somewhat ... what they can use.
They are digging for pieces of their former life.
They dig with their bare hands, covered with dust. Dust on their their clothes, dust in their hair, dust in their faces.

Eyes full with tears, desperate and hopeless. Silent accusation, asking for help.
Silent prayers and the eternal question: WHY??????????????
Thousands of why ... but ... no single answer.

What will become of the children? Will they drive on the road of war?
They grow up with hatred, they grow up with violence, they grow up without hope for better times. They know death more than life.

What will happen? Only revenge and retribution? Always the question of blame? No forgiveness until eternity?

How long must the people weep and suffer? Men weep for women and women for men, parents for her children, children for her parents....friends for friends?
For neighbors and colleagues and for so many nameless dead persons?
Who counts the tears and the screams?

Will be played the song of mankindonly only on weapons?
Are rockets the drums, are sirens the clarinets, is rifl fire the rhythm and the screams of people the melody? That's a Song of horror. No one will listen to.

Where are the fiddles, where are the harps and where the lovely voices of the singers? No blessing and consolation for ear and soul?

Peace and forgiveness are quiet voices but they are powerful and strong and they can fulfil the eternal dream of humanity for peace, freedom and love.
Deep is the longing of people for peace, they are not opponents or enemies, they want live together in peace.

Give the people the voice and the politician and the rulers of the religions the ability to listen and to understand, to take responsibility.
They have the power to stop and to avoid war.

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Rose Iris

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  • Dear AG, I know you are from Syria and there is one of the cruelst wars since 6 years. I have a good friend there in Syria and he sends me pictures and tells me a lot about the situation over there... he lost already many friends and family members... sometimes when we talk on Skype, I even hear the planes and the bombs. But ... to know about what war is  ... or living in such a reality... it isn't the same and you are right, we can't imagine it ... even not just a little.
    I didn't want to sound arrogant ... it wasn't my intention.

  • hahaha, Nomi, you are right ... but I really did not know this word. Now I know it. LOL

  • Dear Rose,
    It is not an opinion I have.. It's reality I live... I know it would be strange for those who haven't experienced it... I wish no one here will experience such a thing in future.. thanks :)
  • Haha...
    You will feel a little embarrassed once you search 'albeit' in the English dictionary, but believe me that wasn't my intent :P
  • Who's Albeit, Nomi?

  • Albeit, you have written it quite well, but reading it has made me sad. I don't find anyone to blame for such brutal annihilation, for whole world has kept silence on such issues.

    You are very right about the effectee of such wars, hatred, revenge, anger, despair, violation, ferocity, fury and you can keep on naming the fruits of such barbarous cruelty.

    Despite crushing my mind, I still can't find the solution to this issue, total destruction of mankind will rather end this up. Call me a pessimist but I know deep in your heart you can listen to a voice saying; this world deserves a mass destruction.
  • Dear AG, it's a strange opinion you have but I understand you very well.

    Surviving is sometimes worse than the death. But we can't choose. Sometimes we have to bear much more than we can.

  • Dear Risty, excuse please my late reply.

    Yes, the world became a powder keg and the Middle East is one of the most effected places.

    Of course I'm fallowing the News every day and so I know what happens around our globe.

  • In the war, the easiest and most endurable possibility is to lose your life... While the most difficult ever is to stay alive among all of this ocean of nowhere, no hope, and no mercy....
  • Dear Tante, I have only experienced psy-war, not the real war where guns and barricades are blocking my way. But being in the Middle East, who knows what tomorrow will present me. Have you heard about the latest update here in GCC?   


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