The End Of The Summer

Yeah that's it. The Summer is coming to the end! The Autumn is coming in .. with rainy days and winds blowing stronger. With leafs coloring and birds flying to warmer places. Not long till the first snow will fall down. 

When I wake up in morning I can feel that it's getting colder, mornings get darker and nights are longer. Why the Summer goes so fast? Why is it so short? 

Let's bring the sun in our hearts and keep it warm through the cold and rainy days 

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  • I love Spring & summer but I do not like winter.I wanna miss summer

  • I don't like summer because it's too hot. Autumn hardly comes at my place, but I wish it comes and stays longer!

  • Well.. you can come over here. Here, it's summer the whole year. I always say that we only have three seasons over here, hot, hotter and hottest. LOL. Sometimes, I wish for an autumn. It looks so romantic.

  • Yes, I like summer too! But Autumn is also beautiful and warm, so...I like it too! [I just dont like cold days and rainy days]

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