•●° The Drops of the Sky •●°

  We need death to be on our list and plans . But death can't be planned or listed coz it's a destiny . It is the only thing that can beat us .
We can prepare our selves for death as it their in my Islamic culture . Death is only a gateway to another life that goes far beyond our senses or realization .
3 months ago , I didn't imagine that death will be hovering over my family house , just to take someone away and leave it's wound in my soul .
     My youngest daughter said : " it have been a month and I didn't see Hanan after her death "
Death is a one way ticket . Those who leave can't return back . In her childish realization she thought that her aunt will visit us back .
Hanan had her own special death . She died in Allah holy land were the our prophet lived most of his live .where the angles circle the sky .
And in front of the Holy Kaabah her body lied to be prayed upon . She was lucky Allah took her to his place to the light to be close to him .
    " Death is the truth " " When death stands , the illness of death stands " As people of my tribe say and when I saw my sister face I thought that must be the end of her life .
She struggled until the end she held to life but it was her time to go . The last scene no one was drown in sadness expect my mom . My elder brother sent us money and kept silent another brother of mine told us she is going to die and we should help her unitl she leaves .
Only mom had that hope that she will be okay . " she has made us sad , a sadness like the drops of the Sky "
Can rain drops or tears heal us and purify our souls.
She wrote in her journal that she saw a dream .
" she saw herself cutting from her flesh and feeding it to her cat . Then saw a tear in it eye . The most honest tear it was "
In Allah holy land and his secure and safety my sister Hanan


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  •          My consolation for you. May God liberated her from all her pain and sorrow. God mercy her.

  • Innalillahe Wainnailaihe Rajiun. May Allah give her Jannah. May Allah give you ability to keep patiece. 

  • My condolences for you and your family. It all very sad.

  • My condolence, Rosemary.. 

    wish you have patience and stay strong..


  • Dear Rosemary. 

    I don't want to say many words. Sometimes it's better to keep silent because no words can confort the pain. I am sorry for your loss. 

    My sincere condolences. 

  • I am really so sorry to hear about your loss, dear Rose Mary. May Allah rest her soul in heaven, amen.

  • The day will come only one of us will left!

    Time is a school where we learn 

    Time is the fire in which we burn.

    Death is certain but The time of death is most uncertain for all of us.

    I am sorry to hear your story!

    My condolence.............

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