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  • Oh Mary ))) such a lovely video )) This cutie made me laugh )) I love you )) hahaha

    Thank you for making my day, MARY )))

    • Yes, love me! XD 


  • I was trying to find something more cute today, but I failed.

    Btw, the second time she sings "you are a cookie buster" :P

    • Roman, that lil kid speaks/pronounce english better than you and me... Just some weeks ago I was still pronouncing the name of the band Z Z Top as 'Zeta', 'Zeta' Top... So, r.e.s.p.e.c.t. :P


    • Well, Roman, I do agree with you )) This girl is just awesome. Let me share with you and other members who love cute kids this link as well. I can't stop smiling when hearing it ))  


      MARY, I know it's late to ask for your permission to post it here)) heh...but well...this kid is also a great singer )) Thank you. Thank you, I know you are a good girl )).

      • Meh. That kid is not so cute ¬¬


      • There is something special in kids that makes them cute and cool! Where does it disappear when people grow up... And why

        • To look and sound cute is a survival tool for kids. It's a gift Nature gives them so, in that way, they are not killed by their parents the times they are annoying as hell :P


        • With time we forget who we are, Roman ...and how cute it is to live not paying attention to other people's judgments ///

  • How cute she is!
    The best is her laugh, she made my day!
    I go along with Estanis. Watching that video after the News of TV is very gratifying. It's a comfort for the soul.

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