°•○ I Feel Chill in My Bones ○•°

      I used to hear old women in my village telling this story with a laugh and a sigh at the same time . They say that our great grand father , used to like dancing and signing alot . So , long time ago when the tribe decided to settle down at the mountains . They statred their traditional dancing and singing after their great celebration every one went to pick an area for his offspring to settle in but our great grand father was busy sining and dancing . He came late after everyone and found that other people have picked the best place . It is because of him . His historical long ago mistake , that's , why we are here under this mountain and that's why I am quivering alot . It might be a myth to attribute all what is going to a great grand father . Who liked to entertain himself more than finding a good location for his family to settle down in . Well , if so why do they cling to this place after his death . It's cold in the winter very cold to the degree that I feel the chilliness in my bones . I don't have to look toward history to explain something or to curse someone . Foggy days will leave with all its stories , horrible unseen monsters and legendary men

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  •    Thanks  dear bet :)

  • Nice to read!

  •   @ Warren  , thanks for your wonderful ideas  about the story 

       @ AG  , summer have just started here it's about 31 :)

  • This is such a beautiful story What does it tell us about how families and individuals often reflect their past traditions rather than take action to change their circumstances?

  • Rosemary :) 

    Legands are legands... what matters is that we are the present now... I only want to say that your words were so warm although you were cold in your blog... yesterday temperature was 49 in Jeddah :P 

    Hope you are enjoying summar :D 

  • Lol I enjoyed reading comments 

  •  @Mr Joseph  :) it's okay at least I knew that no one is using the word chilliness  

    @ Persona  and @Mishaikh  , yes I have meant the metaphorical significant of the story . When I wrote it  . However  , the story is claimed to be real  with many other funny details I have chosen not to mention  at all  :) 

  • @Rosemary

    I would not dare to correct you! I just note that while chilliness is a word in the Oxford English Dictionary, we never actually use it ;) lol

  • Hey guys Rosmary uses the event as metaphor. She means responsibilities  come frior to other entertainments. 

  • @Mr. Josef Essberger,  I think the conclusion of the whole content in the blog is a painful experience of living in such mountainous chilly environment ;) 

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