The Chakra

I am expressing my true Heart.
My Heart is healed; my Heart is open. 
I am kind, I am loving. 
I am free to express my love to all that I come together with. 
I am giving myself my own love.
My Heart is healing me. 
I am open; I am God's expression of love on this Earth. 
I give my Heart and my love freely. 
My Heart is healthy and vibrant. 
I am a messenger of love. 
I am a conduit of peace and love. 
I am a heart-felt loving being. 
I am the power of my Heart. 
My Heart is powerful.

Meditate this to yourself and take a deep breath. It'll heal your closed Heart.

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  • Yes it is. So take care of it 

  • Nice. The heart is the key of love.

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