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  • Zayarhtet im sure you will have lot frinds and yur english will be better :)
    Dear Selma this methode helped me lot to practise my ears and even pronunciation :)
  • Good Job Dreamer,

    I am impressed.

  • hi Mayumi thnk you for sharing your idea and the link its very useful :)

    hi Nazie  thnk you for your comment i use this website often to practise my listening

    Tania , now i download the application of radio in my phone so i can listen even when i am walking or in the bus or running its very helpful thnk you :)

  • DM   it's a very good idea  you are   right...  listening to...  is one of the best way to  improve  our skills
  • Yup, Dreamy I agree with you 100 percent. Listening to English especially to native speaker will give you a tremendous result to your comprehension skills and speaking ability. Well, my speaking ability is not yet flawless as I speak slowly and grammatically incorrect. I've just decided it to be my focus of learning not so long ago. But what amazing about this kind of method is that we gain confidence with the words we say that they are correctly pronounced because we've heard it from a native speaker. We become sure about it because we've heard it how they say them and we repeat them many times. So you gain confidence that's it's the way they say it.  So less worries when we use them into our speaking.

    I'd say news casting of Ms. Tara is one of my favorite because she speaks not too fast and very clear plus a very pleasant voice that I can't help myself but to set my goal higher to sound like her. So I guess it will help us if we have someone we'd like to emulate. 

    I'd like to share some links which I download lessons to my mp3 to listen at least 2 hours a day while repeating them with a loud voice.( This will give you an instant feedback to yourself because you will hear the difference between the sounds you create and the sounds of the native speaker. can choose between American or British accent. But I've chosen American for now. Their principle is--The best way to learn Spoken English is to speak it. It's not necessarily to speak to someone in the first stages but just to listen to it many many many times then repeat it many many many times..It's tiring and weary and a little bit boring but it's the price we have to pay if we want to speak fluently. (hmm  I just quote that from them :)

    Then to learn idioms and phrasal verb plus conversational words:

    Then for reference of how to create the sound.







  • yup i use it Luty but just for short mobies or report i dont like get stuck with movie for two hours so a short report can be ok on yourtube , thnks for sharing Luty

    ps: the conference today was wonderful i love your english accent :)

  • hey Nazie unfortunately Vocaroo doesnt work for me plz could you use Audioboo ?? i can not hear you :(
    Dear April yeah you are right listening is the input and speaking is output 100% right if you want have a good skills , maybe for you its easy not because they use simple words but maybe because you are used to listening for long time so your ears are used now , as for me when i start i do not understand anything it was so fast but now i can understand most of their talk and the most interesting is that they have reporters evrywhere and from that land where they are talking about so you can listen to not native and try to understand their accent too , I am just focusing on bbc now and sometimes VOA ( Voice of America ) you can use it too , thnks for your encouragement :)

    thnk you hardy for loving the idea :)

  • great !  Dreamer Man it is one of the best ways to prove english skills , listening is a step that comes before speaking coz listening is an  input and speaking is the output, so recognition comes before production, anyway in my case I have very high listening skills , i understand every word in news is it because BBC NEWS use simple language? what other websites would you recommend for me ?  finally . i enjoyed so much listening to you. Just amazing!  keep up the good work

  • Thnk you Dear Nadira,Deuce666 ( nice to see you back after huge time absence , happy to see you )Mahgol and Mommy , well I confess that the speaker is talking so fast and you may not catch the words but do you bellive me if i say that for the first time i start listen i felt the same but do not give up at first listening , evrything come after practise , just try to play it while you are surfing on the net maybe for just One hour unstead of listening to the news in your language , please try it evryday and you will see the result after some days that you start catching words and the pronunciation also its amazing bellive me ....
  • Thank you Dreamer

    that was so nice,but how much newsteller's accent was fast!!

    thanks of your encouragement.

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