The bells are ringing

This is the first time I try  to make a poem.  I hope I am not too far away.


The bells are ringing 

calling closed doors  to  open

 the child does not want milk

tears  won't dry 

The bells are ringing 

Many of them are afraid  

Nights are long

The  cry of that child is so loud

They want survival, who cares?

The bells are ringing 

hungry birds fly helplessly 

in the cloudy sky

The space is not enough

Weak wings stop to flutter

The bells are ringing

Tears are still dropping

But their shouts still linger

In that cloudy sky

The widows sing silently and

The bells are ringing

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  • Tumari merhbani Ayesha! This is a big push for me. I will try next time soon. Thanks!
  • Good try. Great idea. Keep it up.
  • Ve baj rehe hain. Inshaa Allah, Mr. Mishaikh, I shall keep them ringing. Thanks for asking about me you and the great lady, Onee_Chan.

  • Thanks for pressing the like button, Sohan! Can I be one of your friends?

  • Dara keep these bells ringing. We have been given the authority to warn, to give the message, People listen or not, accept or not, this is not responsibility. So please keep the bell ringing.

  • Shookrun jazeelan ya Ustath Ehab! Kulu sana wa antum taiboon! Thanks for your comment on the bells are ringing!

  • very good and happy new year to you 

  • Maraming salamat Belinda! Ikaw mabuti. Thanks, for your nice comment on the blog. You are not online for a long time. I hope you are ok! 

  • It seems like a sad poem, Dara, but it's nice; it isn't a typical poem that has rhyming words. Is it your very first composition?  

  • Mumnoon ya Jalil! Thanks for pressing the like button! 

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