The balance between work and life
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Topic 1: Many people aim to achieve a balance between work and life, but few people achieve. What are the causes and how to overcome the problem?
Nowadays, people aware clearly that unbalancing between work and life is the serious problem in the modern society. In this essay I would like to bring out some ideas about the reason and the way that
helps us to avoid this matter based on my personal opinion.

Firstly, we easily realize that the development of economy as well as technology empowers us to have diversified choices for life. Expecting to possess high quality material and service is our  tendency that makes us always to try our best to achieve. We know that the high quality we chose, the high cost we have to pay. This is the radical that we have to spend more time for working to earn money in order to supply our demands instead of relaxing.

Secondly, the fast development of society also requires the higher quality of labor resources. So, not only spending more time for working, but we also have to improve our knowledge to meet job’s demands. If we are not better than the others, we will not have opportunity of promotion as well as ability to earn much money. That is reason why instead of returning our home, we decide to go to a university for the second degree or a foreign language center to enhance language skills, etc…

After the whole day, we go back home total exhaustedly when it is very late. Of course we almost have not enough energy to enjoy with our family. It makes the time for family is more and more decreasing in both quantity and quality.

In my opinion, to solve this problem, we must think seriously about the length of our life. Let listening to the persons who had spoken when they did not have much time to live. There was a common point that they all were regretful because they had not spent more time for their family.

Finally, so short is the life that we can not do everything. We must find the way which is suitable for each other by reducing working time as well as increasing family time to achieve the balance in our life./.

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  • If I accept to be a servant and do whatever the boss dictates, that's an option. If I do not accept working as a slave, I can find another better company, that's is another option. It is exactly up to my choice. 

    Thank you for your advice and I will try my best.

  • No dear learner it doesn't depend on our choices. If you are empoyee in company or any  organization, it depends on the company or immediate boss demands. An employee means servant and servant has no freedom.  

    Nice writing and keep writing but with coherence and points that benefits the reader. I humbly suggest 

  • Don't be serious :). It's simply my practice in English writing. You are right that there is no technique here. In fact, It's difficult that few people archive the balance. I think it depends on our own feeling and choises.

    Thank you for your reading and comment!

  • I read it with curiosity that I am going to find Some techniques to balance our life, but I regretfully say that I couldn't find anything new regards of balancing our life. When we spend much time  in work, we are already inhancing our experience and job related knowledge.  This experience has no substitute..  secondly the family doesn't need you but your money which can make their dreams come true.. it is foolish to think that the family need you I see life of many people after their retirement. Then I come to this conclusion that men had better die after retirement :( 

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