The art of listening

We normally think that speaking is an art. A person must be so adept and skillful in order to hold his or her audiences spellbound. Apart from having good information about the topic, one must know how to deliver a moving or a powerful speech.  How about listening? Have you ever thought that listening is also an art too?

A speech would be more efficient and effective, if it had listeners who were attentive. A lot of problems in communicating and also a lot of misunderstandings are due to either not knowing how to speak or not listening well. If we could listen carefully, we would have better understanding. So in order to build a better relation we should learn how to speak and how to listen as well, because no matter how nice we talk if people do not listen well, it would be of no use.

If we listen to a person with all the stereotypes and backgrounds that we have in our mind, in fact we are partly listening to that person. So at the end we will jump to a conclusion that is not authentic and reliable; it will even create more misunderstandings than before.

So in order to boost the relationships between people, to understand better and to have a better world we need to learn how to listen carefully and attentively. 

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  • It's a two way street, dear.  Sometimes we really need to talk to that guy but they are busy being full of themselves. No matter how much we pretend to be enthusiastic about listening to their problems.

  • Dear Vision, lucky the the one who is going to be your wife.:D sometimes all we need is a person who would listen to us just this and most of our problems would be solved only by being listened. Thanks for your comment.
  • Dear Erza, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. No matter how nice people talk but if there is no one to listen, it will really have no effect.
  • Dear Adaline, although it is hard to listen to some people, but even in this case listening attentively might solve many of misunderstanding. Of course easier said than done; that's why we should try to learn it. Thanks for your kind message.
  • Dear A738, son of a gun! I haven't heard this expression before. Now do you mean a person whom we admire or a man that we are annoyed with. :D because if it's the first one it's a pleasure to accompany someone we admire; if it is the second one again pretending to listen might be better. Thanks for stopping by.
  • Dear Estains, I do agree that as we grow older we learn to listen more and to be patient, but if we learn to listen from our young age that would be so beneficial. Thanks for your nice comment.
  • "No man would listen to you talk if he didn't know it was his turn next." (Quote by Ed howe, an American novelist)

    This is natural a human being (may be animal also) born with a desire “to be listened”, but to be listened, it is also obligatory that one should have the bearing to listen to others.

     My comment to your blog setareah is taken from my blog:

    Listening and speaking are inter-related.  If we want to be listened we should let the speaker talk not only talk but be so attentive that he would feel that he is being listened. Most of the time in group talking one or two person keep talking and talking without given others chance to communicate, in this case the listeners' minds get irrelevant to what is being talked.  So it is must to "learn-to-listen-listen-to-learn"

    Thanks for sharing your opinion Setareh.

    LEARN TO LISTEN - LISTEN TO LEARN  No man would listen to you talk if he didn't know it was his turn next. (Quote by Ed howe, an American novelist)…
  • Dear Setarah, Very nice blog,  I agree with you. It's not easy to listen to every one and every thing. Listening is a valuable skill as well is in it.  Well Written sweet heart. 2643550318?profile=original

  • Well put. Keeping company with a son of a gun who   gives you the cold shoulder is not fun at all.

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