○°• The 2 Doors •°○

     Let's assume this scene was taking place in front of your eyes . Two doors were opened and you had to choose to get in quickly into one of them . These are doors of tow houses , where , you will stay locked in for the rest of your life . There were no third option for you to take and because of this you were granted a chance to look from the windows , to what is happening inside .
  Apparently , there is light , peace , food , comfortable furniture and nice people in the first house . On the other hand , there is darkness , hostality , bad food , wrecked furniture and hedious people .
This is a simple analogy about people behaviors and attitude in life .
  In  reality , people go from one door to another untile the decide where to settle down at then end . Their final resolution , is resemble their inner nature .
Let me be more honest and say , this nature is formed and created within our hands . There's no prompt characteristics in front of your eyes . What you have seen has been inside for many years , behind a door . Some people choose to leave and some clean their souls . Others like the rotten smells . They have lost the ability to smell it . It's too late for them . Doors insulate us and protect us at the same time .


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  •     Thanks for being here dear Laura :) 

  • I always think that my life depends on me. It makes me feel encourage in fear of the future. Thank you for sharing your writing. 

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    which will explain Rosemary's "Two Doors" ............................This is up to us to choose to what door we want to enter.

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  •   " It's a nature that he imitates what whom he sees . When there is no good example before him " 

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Persona  . 

  • Apart from genetic inheritance which is hard, but not impossible to overcome, the nature is amenable and can be shapend into the shape we like. So, nothing is permenant. imbibing good principles and resisting evil forces is of couse in our hands as you said. When a very powerful personality leaves a positive inflluence on our  mind and that influence or impact penetrates in our soul which gradually begins being swept and cleaned. At the end, we resemble like the one who dominates our thoughts. It's human nature that he imitates whom he sees. When there is no a good example before him, no positive outcome is expected of him. he puts himself in a cage for the rest of his life assuming life is going well. 

  •   Thanks for your wonderful comment Arif  . Have a nice day 

  • A good comparision between organized and scarttered personality. When people lose the ability to recognize their demerit, it depens on the company they keep. when they change the company and become able to assess the self attributes and mend them where they are lacking. As you examplied tow houses one is organized and other is scattered. If there is no a decorated house, there may not be a better comparative analysis. the self assessment is only possible having looked at the better versions or different varieties. 

  • @ Paula "   They  might choose the one where there is light and peace and harmony  "  " They follow  what they are subject to "  Thanks for all your deep words dear  . I have really enjoyed  reading them 

    @ Mishaikh  , I will take your advice in my consideration  . Thanks and happy eid 

      @ MA NO , thanks for your encouragement  :) 

  • Hi Rosemary, once I told you that you could offer us many more interesting blogs than those you were unable to retrieve from the other account and THIS BLOG is what I  meant. 

    Thank you. Keep blogging :)

  • Once again Rosemary you have posted an interesting and thoughtful blog!!  You know....as I am considering your blog it came to me what someone said one day.......that a person is not born a thief or a crook or someone with a terrible attitude, or a liar or whatever.  They are made.  But we are born with a nature.  That nature can help us choose who we become in any given situation.  My thought at the moment is a child raised in a home where there is addiction to alcohol or drugs or abuse.  Sometimes they follow what they are subjected to........then you will also find that such things had such an impact that they do not turn to those things in life..........so they might not choose the door showing the life they were raised in.  They might choose the one where there is light and peace and harmony with good things in it.  Just some thoughts your blog provoked.......Good Blog as always!!!!!

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