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That year

I hope, it won’t be a year  

Like every year.

I hope that day will come.

When I see my darling wearing

her wedding dress holding my hand 

Our families are standing around us.

An overwhelming joy shades us   

I hope this day will come,

I wear my shirt, my full suit.

My friends, my colleagues, my classmates

They come and sing until the morning.

A crowded house of laughter.

Then I say this is my wife,

my world and my wish.

I hope it won’t be a year

Like every year.

This is the most beautiful year

Happiness is deep inside me

I ask God to be for all of us.

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  • Nice lines.Good, keep on.

  • Kiya haal hain, Mishaikh? Aap akthar online nahi hain. I hope you are in good health, my dear respected friend. Please, inform us in case of anything concerning your health. I said that to moderator Onee. It is true that we are far away from each other, but a supplication to Allah can bring benefits. Thanks for your sincere comment on that poem. 

  • Very touchy dara. I a impressed.

  • Nice words and good lines. Congratulations!

    • Nasilsin Mehmet.  Your comment is encouraging. Thanks for that. 

  • Blagodarya Kristina! I am an English teacher. I am glad you like that poem. Thanks again.

  • It's beautiful, Dara! Are you a writer, or it's jus a hobby?

  • Which one of your wives ?....your friends, classmates.. father, mother, sister. brother.. nice but where are your other wives.. Didn't you invited them to this wedding ceremony ? why ?....your  worldi your wish .! Oh.. Did you say same words for you other wives ...?..Instead of thinking marriage , go and help the pooriest African Children...If I were you, I would write a poem for them....

    • Grazie molto, Adrian Martelli! Thanks for your comment!

  • It's a great one, friend. reminded me to my own unforgettable moment :)

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