That Part Worries Me Since Its A Complete Different Game

Given that essentially zero development carries over with you, what's assumed to be my motivation to keep on playing Meseta pso2 if I plan on playing NGS? Or conversely, why should I care about NGS if PSO2 isn't going anywhere? I kind of understand the allure for the JP version of the game because they've had nearly a decade of PSO2, but here in NA we literally just got our hands on the bottom game and now we need to manage this announcement? . .messy. Shit I honestly want PSO2 was never released from the west and we can only start with NGS. At least that way I do not have to feel as though my 100+ hours PSO2 have not been a waste... Zero leveling development, units/weapons carry over, so um, what? Those are the greatest things to go for at this time.

Gear carries more but we do not know how this equipment will operate in NG or even just how much can be taken with us. Is the carried over gear really going to be good (and valuable)? Will it just be temporary equipment to provide OG players a head start? Meseta won't move. Hopefully this means they'll possibly rebalance the crazy meseta profits but that is associated with our progression as well. I understand there are lots of players that prefer to play with the marketplace. What does this mean to those gamers? If the participant economy is getting a reset, what worth does our transported over gear hold? This is a pretty big bombshell to fall for the NA servers without any additional info about how NG will influence us considering we are still fresh.

It's more so the possibility that we're playing for nothing right now. This may not only be a reboot of equipment, but a good deal of what we got. Carried over gear might be scaled down to low level content so they are more like weapon skins. There is the chance of simultaneous co-existence but more than likely, an individual might be killed off later on. There is also the chance PSO2 may remain the major game. Overall, I hope we get more details sooner rather than later. I will concur PSO2 is a wreck in terms of economy. But I'd put a lot of blame on the fact that nothing is quite valuable (besides old scratch items) and the large meseta gains. An excessive amount of meseta is pumped into the match and not enough is taken out. The fact is certain players are always likely to maintain the wealth in games like these. When most players are running assignment, these players are working the market. Their behaviour will not change with a new game. Whether or not players missed the launch will not alter this. There's nothing that was offered at launch that will impact new players since the game always devalues old loot with new content.

It is dependent upon the number of classes, how much content, and what the level cap will probably likely be in NGS. PSO2 buying meseta might be just the remedy to the lack of classes and/or endgame content until sufficient gets made. We really do not know until we get more info. I'm imagining is they will eventually phase original PSO2 gradually or NGS will receive way more upgrades than OG PSO2. The gears will probably be tweaked and look possibly altered though can you truly bring it along? Lets be real, it's very likely to be a WoW new growth situation where I expect to swap it all out after finishing a couple expeditions.


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